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    Friendship ... is born at the moment when one man says to another What! You
    “Friendship ... is born at the moment when one man says to another "What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .”
    C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

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    Walter M. Miller Jr.
    “You don’t have a soul, Doctor. You are a soul. You have a body, temporarily.”
    Walter M. Miller Jr., A Canticle for Leibowitz

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    We read to know we're not alone.
    “We read to know we're not alone.”
    William Nicholson, Shadowlands

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    Richelle Mead
    “You can't force love, I realized. It's there or it isn't. If it's not there, you've got to be able to admit it. If it is there, you've got to do whatever it takes to protect the ones you love.”
    Richelle Mead, Frostbite

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    Richelle Mead
    “I’d said it before and meant it: Alive or undead, the love of my life was a badass.”
    Richelle Mead, Blood Promise

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    Richelle Mead
    “The spell. Victor said you had to want me... to care about me... for it to work." When he didn't say anything, I tried to grip his shirt, but my fingers were too weak. "Did you? Did you want me?"
    His words came out thickly. "Yes, Roza. I did want you. I still do. I wish... we could be together."
    "Then why did you lie to me?"
    We reached the clinic, and he managed to open the door while still holding me. As soon as he stepped inside, he began yelling for help.
    "Why did you lie?" I murmured again.
    Still holding me in his arms, he looked down at me. I could hear voices and footsteps getting closer.
    "Because we can't be together."
    "Because of the age thing, right?" I asked. "Because you're my mentor?"
    His fingertip gently wiped away a tear that had escaped down my cheek. "That's part of it," he said. "But also... well, you and I will both be Lissa's gaurdians someday. I need to protect her at all cost. If a pack of Strogoi come, I need to throw my body between them and her."
    I know that. Of course that's what you have to do." The black sparkles were dancing in front of my eyes again. I was fading out.
    "No. If I let myself love you, I won't throw myself in front of her. I'll throw myself in front of you.”
    Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy

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    Richelle Mead
    “Stop fighting me!" he said, trying to pull on the arm he held.

    He was in a precarious position himself, straddling the rail as he tried to lean over far enough to get me and actually hold onto me.

    “Let go of me!” I yelled back.

    But he was too strong and managed to haul most of me over the rail, enough so that I wasn’t in total danger of falling again.

    See, here’s the thing. In that moment before I let go, I really had been contemplating my death. I’d come to terms with it and accepted it. I also, however, had known Dimitri might do something exactly like this. He was just that fast and that good. That was why I was holding my stake in the hand that was dangling free.

    I looked him in the eye. "I will always love you."

    Then I plunged the stake into his chest.

    It wasn’t as precise a blow as I would have liked, not with the skilled way he was dodging. I struggled to get the stake in deep enough to his heart, unsure if I could do it from this angle. Then, his struggles stopped. His eyes stared at me, stunned, and his lips parted, almost into a smile, albeit a grisly and pained one.

    "That’s what I was supposed to say. . .” he gasped out.

    Those were his last words.”
    Richelle Mead, Blood Promise

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    Richelle Mead
    “Dimitri: "Why did you come here?"
    Rose: "Because you hit me on the head and dragged me here.”
    Richelle Mead, Blood Promise

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    Richelle Mead
    “You…you got rid of that dress fast," I pointed out between heavy breaths. "I thought you liked it."
    "I do like it," he said. His breathing was as heavy as mine. "I love it."
    And then he took me to the bed.”
    Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy

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    Richelle Mead
    “Okay, God, I thought. Get me out of this and I’ll stop my half-assed church-going ways. You got me past a pack of Strigoi tonight. I mean, trapping that one between the doors really shouldn't have worked, so clearly you're on board. Let me get out of here, and I’ll...I don’t know. Donate Adrian’s money to the poor. Get baptized. Join a convent. Well, no. Not that last one.”
    Richelle Mead, Blood Promise

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    Richelle Mead
    “I've given up on you...Love fades. Mine has.”
    Richelle Mead, Spirit Bound

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    Richelle Mead
    “If I could dream, I know I'd dream about you.I'd dream about the way you smell and how your dark hair feels like silk between my fingers. I'd dream about the smoothness of your skin and the fierceness of your lips when we kiss. Without dreams,I have to be content with my own imagination—which is almost as good. I can picture all those things perfectly.”
    Richelle Mead, Spirit Bound

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    Richelle Mead
    “You're beautiful in battle," said Dimitri. His cold voice carried to me clearly, even above the roar of combat. "Like an avenging angel come to deliver the justice of heaven."
    "Funny," I said, shifting my hold on the stake. "That is kind of why I'm here."
    "Angels fall, Rose.”
    Richelle Mead, Spirit Bound

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    Richelle Mead
    “The other problem in my life is Dimitri. He's the one who killed Natalie, and he's a total badass. He's also pretty good-looking. Okay—more than good-looking. He's hot—like, the kind of hot that makes you stop walking on the street and get hit by traffic.”
    Richelle Mead, Frostbite

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    Richelle Mead
    “I'll find you. There is no place in this world you can hide from me. I'm watching.
    Love, Dimitri”
    Richelle Mead, Spirit Bound

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    Richelle Mead
    “I fought against her, trying to mount some kind of defense, but it was like fighting Dimitri on crack.”
    Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy

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    Richelle Mead
    “He watched as I slipped one of the shoes on. "You have a guardian angel."
    "I don't believe in angels," I told him. "I believe in what I can do for myself."
    Well then, you have an amazing body." I glanced up at him with a questioning look. "For healing, I mean. I heard about the accident...”
    Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy

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    Richelle Mead
    I hadn't known he was here. His eyes were on me too,dark and endless. Only I couldn't read what he was feeling. His face betrayed nothing, but there was something in his eyes...something intense and intimidating. The image of him ready to take down that group of guardians flashed through my mind,and something told me that if I asked,He would fight his way to me through this courtroom and do everything in his power to rescue me from it.”
    Richelle Mead, Spirit Bound

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    Richelle Mead
    “Find one thing. One thing that's beautiful. Anything. Anything that shows you you're not one of them."

    His eyes were back on me studying my face silently. Panic raced through me. It wasn't working. I couldn't do this. We were going to have to get out of here, regardless of whatever state he was in. I knew he'd leave, too. If i had learned anything, it was that Dimitri's warrior instincts were still working. If I said danger was coming, he would respond instantly, no matter the self-torment he felt. I didn't want him to leave in despair. I wanted him to leave here one step closer to being the man I knew he could be. I wanted him to have one less nightmare.

    It was beyond my abilities, though. I was no therapist. I was about to tell him we had to get out of there, about to make his soldier reflexes kick in, when he suddenly spoke. His voice was barley a whisper. "Your hair."

    "What?" for a second, I wondered if it was on fire or somthing. I touched a stray lock. No, nothing was wrong exept that it was a mess. I'd bound it up for battle to prevent the strgoi from using it as a handhold, like Angeline had. Much of it had come undone in the struggle, though.

    "Your hair," repeated Dimitri. His eyes were wide, almost awestruck. "your hair is beautiful.”
    Richelle Mead, Last Sacrifice

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    Richelle Mead
    “She was right about something else too," Dimitri said after a long pause. My back was to him, but there was a strange quality to his voice that made me turn around.
    "What's that?" I asked.
    "That I do still love you."
    With that one sentence, everything in the universe changed.”
    Richelle Mead, Last Sacrifice

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    Richelle Mead
    “The training part," I guessed.

    "Yup. You're going to be Dimitri's partner."

    A moment of funny silence fell, probably not noticeable to anyone except Dimitri and me. Our eyes met.

    "Guarding partner," Dimitri clarified unnecessarily, like maybe he too had been thinking of other kinds of partners.”
    Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy

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    Richelle Mead
    “Roza, my self-control is ten times stronger than yours."
    I opened my eyes, shifting to look into his. I brushed his hair back and smiled, certain my heart would expand and expand until there was nothing left of me.
    "Oh yeah? That's not the impression I just got."
    "Wait until next time," he warned. "I'll do things that'll make you lose control within seconds.”
    Richelle Mead, Last Sacrifice

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    Richelle Mead
    “I find more peace with you.”
    Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy

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    Richelle Mead
    “Gaining superpowers doesn't mean you know how to use them.”
    Richelle Mead

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    Richelle Mead
    “We cannot road trip to Paris.”
    Richelle Mead, Last Sacrifice

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    Richelle Mead
    “You will lose what you value most...

    It hadn't been me that Rhonda was talking about. It hadn't even been Dimitri's life.

    What you value most.

    It had been his soul.”
    Richelle Mead, Shadow Kiss

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    Richelle Mead
    “I sprang toward him with the stake, hoping to catch him by surprise. But Dimitri was hard to catch by surprise. And he was fast. Oh, so fast. It was like he knew what I was going to do before I did it. He halted my attack with a glancing blow to the side of my head. I knew it would hurt later, but my adrenaline was running too strong for me to pay attention to it now.

    Distantly, I realized some other people had come to watch us. Dimitri and I were celebrities in different ways around here, and our mentoring relationship added to the drama. This was prime-time entertainment.

    My eyes were only on Dimitri, though. As we tested each other, attacking and blocking, I tried to remember everything he'd taught me. I also tried to remember everything I knew about him. I'd practiced with him for months. I knew him, knew his moves, just as he knew mine. I could anticipate him the same way. Once I started using that knowledge, the fight grew tricky. We were too well matched, both of us too fast. My heart thumped in my chest, and sweat coated my skin.

    Then Dimitri finally got through. He moved in for an attack, coming at me with the full force of his body. I blocked the worst of it, but he was so strong that I was the one who stumbled from the impact. He didn't waste the opportunity and dragged me to the ground, trying to pin me. Being trapped like that by a Strigoi would likely result in the neck being bitten or broken. I couldn't let that happen.

    So, although he held most of me to the ground, I managed to shove my elbow up and nail him in the face. He flinched and that was all I needed. I rolled him over and held him down. He fought to push me off, and I pushed right back while also trying to maneuver my stake. He was so strong, though. I was certain I wouldn't be able to hold him. Then, just as I thought I'd lose my hold, I got a good grip on the stake. And like that, the stake came down over his heart. It was done.

    Behind me, people were clapping but all I noticed was Dimitri. Our gazes were locked. I was still straddling him, my hands pressed against his chest. Both of us were sweaty and breathing heavily. His eyes looked at me with pride—and hell of a lot more. He was so close and my body yearned for him, again thinking he was a piece of me I needed in order to be complete. The air between us seemed warm and heady, and I would have given anything in that moment to lie down with him and have his arms wrap around me. His expression showed that he was thinking the same thing. The fight was finished, but remnants of the adrenaline and animal intensity remained.”
    Richelle Mead, Shadow Kiss

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    Richelle Mead
    “Then the best thing I can do is—"

    He froze. The brown eyes that had been narrowed with aggravation suddenly went wide with...what? Amazement? Awe? Or perhaps that stunned feeling I kept having when I saw him?

    Because suddenly, I was pretty sure he was experiencing the same thing I had earlier. He'd seen me plenty of times in Siberia. He'd seen me just the other night at the warehouse. But now...now he was truly viewing me with his own eyes. Now that he was no longer Strigoi, his whole world was different. His outlook and feelings were different. Even his soul was different.
    It was like one of those moments when people talked about their lives flashing before their eyes. Because as we stared at one another, every part of our relationship replayed in my mind's eye. I remembered how strong and invincible he'd been when we first met, when he'd come to bring Lissa and me back to the folds of Moroi society. I remembered the gentleness of his touch when he's bandaged my bloodies and bettered hands. I remembered him carrying me in his arms after Victor's daughter Natalie had attacked me. Most of all, I remembered the night we'd been together in the cabin, just before the Strigoi had taken him. A year. We'd known each other only a year but we'd lived a lifetime in it.

    And he was realizing that too, I knew as he studied me. His gaze was all-powerful, taking in every single one of my features and filing them away.

    Dimly, I tried to recall what I looked like today. I still wore the dress from the secret meeting and knew it looked good on me. My eyes were probably bloodshot from crying earlier, and I'd only had time for a quick brushing of my hair before heading off with Adrian.

    Somehow, I doubted any of it mattered. The way Dimitri was looking at me...it confirmed everything I'd suspected. The feelings he'd had for me before he'd been turned-the feelings that had become twisted while a Strigoi—were all still there. They had to be. Maybe Lissa was his savior. Maybe the rest of the Court thought she was a goddess. I knew, right then, that no matter how bedraggled I looked or how blank he tried to keep his face, I was a goddess to him.”
    Richelle Mead, Spirit Bound

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    Richelle Mead
    “Other people spoke, and I tried to keep up with the translations. All the stories were about Dimitri's kindness and strength of character. Even when not out battling the undead, Dimitri had always been there to help those who needed it. Almost everyone could recall sometime that Dimitri had stepped up to help others, going out of his way to do what was right, even in situations that could put him at risk. That was no surprise to me. Dimitri always did the right thing.

    And it was that attitude that had made me love him so much. I had a similar nature. I too rushed in when others needed me, sometimes when I shouldn't have. Others called me crazy for it, but Dimitri had understood. He'd always understood me, and part of what we'd worked on was how to temper that impulsive need to run into danger with reason and calculation. I had a feeling no one else in this world would ever understand me like he did.”
    Richelle Mead, Blood Promise

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    Richelle Mead
    “I should go," I said thickly. "Let me know when you want to start practice again. And thanks for...talking."

    I started to turn; then I heard him say abruptly, "No."

    I glanced back. "What?"

    He held my gaze, and something warm and wonderful and powerful shot between us.

    "No," he repeated. "I told her no."

    "I..." I shut my mouth before my jaw hit the floor. "But...why? That was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. You could have had a baby. And she...she was, you know, into you..."

    The ghost of a smile flickered on his face. "Yes, she was. Is. And that's why I had to say no. I couldn't return that...couldn't give her what she wanted. Not when..." He took a few steps toward me. "Not when my heart is somewhere else.”
    Richelle Mead, Frostbite

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