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    M. Leighton
    “I'd say 'my pleasure' but if I'm gonna carry you to bed, I'd rather you be conscious," Bo said, a wry quirk on his lips. - Blood Like Poison”
    M. Leighton

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    S.L. Naeole
    “Breathing is...difficult at the moment.

    Breathing is a necessity for you humans, and if kissing you causes you to have difficulties, I might have to refrain from doing it again.”
    S.L. Naeole

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    Cassandra Clare
    “And now I’m looking at you,” he said, “and you’re asking me if I still want you, as if I could stop loving you. As if I would want to give up the thing that makes me stronger than anything else ever has. I never dared give much of myself to anyone before – bits of myself to the Lightwoods, to Isabelle and Alec, but it took years to do it – but, Clary, since the first time I saw you, I have belonged to you completely. I still do. If you want me.”
    Cassandra Clare, City of Glass

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    Keary Taylor
    “I rested my chin on my shoulder, not quite fully looking at his face. "They don't disgust you?" I whispered, my voice shaking.
    He rested one hand on my other shoulder and the other on my arm and leaned forward, gently pressing his lips into the center of my brand.
    "Nothing about you could disgust me," he whispered against my neck.”
    Keary Taylor, Branded

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    Sarra Cannon
    “Why does everyone worship them? I mean, they're beautiful but..." I shrugged. "Lots of people in this world are beautiful."
    "They're popular because they're cheerleaders," he said.
    I rolled my eyes. "What is it with this town and cheerleaders?”
    Sarra Cannon, Beautiful Demons

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    M. Leighton
    “I mean, it's not like he's Damon Salvatore hot”
    M. Leighton, For the Love of a Vampire

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    Shelly Crane
    “You don’t love people for what they can give you. You don’t love them because of what they do for you or how good you make them look. Love is blind, love does not boast, love is not vain.”
    Shelly Crane, Significance

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    Amanda Hocking
    “I don't know why you're making the poor girl play with you," Peter said. "You're going to completely slaughter her."
    "Well, I am the greatest Guitar Hero player of all time," Jack said.”
    Amanda Hocking, My Blood Approves

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    Shelly Crane
    “It’s ok, Merrick. I get it. I’m sorry, I just...I just can’t handle it when people are upset with me and I can’t fix it somehow. I’ll stay out of your way, ok.”
    As I hopped down from the counter and turned to leave he grabbed my wrist and my skin immediately began to tingle.
    “You’re so blind,” he breathed shaking his head.”
    Shelly Crane, Collide

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    Sherrilyn Kenyon
    “Just because you can doesn't mean you should.”
    Sherrilyn Kenyon

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    Shelly Crane
    “We turned our attention back to Jeff, who just started his interrogation of Polly, who looked horrendous. I didn’t mean that in a hateful way. She really did look awful. Like someone took the sick-and-pale stick and beat her senseless with it.”
    Shelly Crane, Uprising

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    Shelly Crane
    “In the words of some really beautiful smart girl I know, just give me what I want," Caleb whispered.”
    Shelly Crane, Significance

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    Shelly Crane
    “You know any single girls in their twenties that would go for Bish?" I asked Caleb.
    "Sure, I know plenty. But would Bish go for it? He doesn’t seem to
    be attracted to anything that walks, talks, eats or breathes except my sister.”
    Shelly Crane, Accordance

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    Shelly Crane
    “The day Caleb touched my hand and I saw all those things, I was excited. Yes, a little freaked but excited more. I felt like...everything I ever needed was right there. I still feel like that. It's not something you can just turn off and I wouldn't want to. I want him more than I need him.”
    Shelly Crane, Accordance

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    Shelly Crane
    “It wasn't long before I had the urge to glance inside. I then had a slight moment of panic. Number one, Big John was walking out the door with a meat cleaver gleaming in his hand. Yes, a meat cleaver.
    Number two, he was glaring at Caleb like he was the devil himself.”
    Shelly Crane, Significance

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    Shelly Crane
    “Gran, I'm only gonna ask this once. Please don't have sex talks with me, ok? Especially with Maggie in the room. Do you think we could do that?”
    Shelly Crane, Significance

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    Shelly Crane
    “Beck, we gotta go.”
    “Ok.” She made smooch lips to the mirror and then smiled at me. “It's shameful to look this fabulous isn't it?” she said, making me laugh.
    “Absolutely, just shameful.”
    Shelly Crane, Accordance

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    Shelly Crane
    “I am so in love with you,” I told him.
    He smiled graciously and pressed his nose and cheek to mine with a hand on my jaw.
    “I'm so in love with you.”
    “I know,” I said happily and smiled through the rain on my cheeks.”
    Shelly Crane, Accordance

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    Shelly Crane
    “Drunken party friends can still kiss, right?”
    His voice was low and rumbling and I heard my breath catch as I fought to steady my voice.
    “We’re not drunk.”
    “You didn’t answer my question,” he breathed.
    I licked my lips again subconsciously and once again regretted it as I saw his eyes watching me intently. He probably thought I was doing it on purpose to taunt him.
    Shelly Crane, Uprising

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    Shelly Crane
    “And you, trying to look all innocent walking in here. You’re a real conch at this, aren’t ya?”
    “Did you just insult me, Miguel?” Sherry asked, putting her hands on her hips but she looked on the verge of laughing.
    “No, love, it means smart.” He grinned at her.”
    Shelly Crane, Uprising

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    Shelly Crane
    “I totally feel like Buffy right now. All I need is a girly leather jacket,” L said breathlessly.
    “And some vampires. Don’t forget that.”
    “Lighters qualify.”
    “I guess they do. So, your turn. Stab me.”
    Shelly Crane, Catalyst

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    Shelly Crane
    “Yo, back in the day, I was bad boned. I was tough, ok? Rugged. People feared me,” Cain said.
    “I’m sure they did.”
    “Are you doubting my mad badness?”
    Shelly Crane, Catalyst

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    Shelly Crane
    “I kinda like it that I can stand on my own,” I said with a smirk.
    “Let’s not make it a habit, ok? I’m not thrilled with this discovery of yours.” He cracked a playful smile. “I much prefer to order you around and you just do whatever I say.”
    “Your high handedness is impressive,” I mused.”
    Shelly Crane, Catalyst

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    Shelly Crane
    “You’re not gonna touch or kiss me for a week are you?” I said, letting him know I knew what he was doing.
    He turned to look at me poignantly.
    “Absolutely not.”
    “We’ll see about that,” I countered.
    “You need time to heal-”
    “Oh no. I’m going this way and not listening.” I pointed toward the commons room. “In my book, you just issued me a challenge, buster. And I accept.”
    Shelly Crane, Catalyst

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    Shelly Crane
    “Maybe he doesn’t want to go back,” I countered. “Maybe he likes it here.”
    “With a snack like you hanging on his sleeve, I’m sure he does,” he replied wryly.”
    Shelly Crane, Devour

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    Shelly Crane
    “You didn’t introduce your little cupcake to me. How rude, especially after I’ve tasted her lips and her fright, her want.” He licked his lips again and smiled at me. “All were delicious.”
    Shelly Crane, Devour

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    Shelly Crane
    “You have to make your own happy. You can’t depend on other people for that.”
    Shelly Crane, Devour

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    Rachel Caine
    “Damn, Claire. Warn a guy before you do a face-plant on the floor next time. I could have looked all heroic and caught you or something -Shane”
    Rachel Caine, Glass Houses

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    Jennifer Laurens
    “...His gaze seemed to say what I felt: looking at you eases everything inside of me.”
    Jennifer Laurens, Overprotected

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    Bonnie Erina Wheeler
    “None of us decide what we will be born into in this life, but we face our destinies with what we have been given.”
    Bonnie Erina Wheeler

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