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    Charles Bukowski
    “The problem was you had to keep choosing between one evil or another, and no matter what you chose, they sliced a little bit more off you, until there was nothing left. At the age of 25 most people were finished. A whole god-damned nation of assholes driving automobiles, eating, having babies, doing everything in the worst way possible, like voting for the presidential candidates who reminded them most of themselves. I had no interests. I had no interest in anything. I had no idea how I was going to escape. At least the others had some taste for life. They seemed to understand something that I didn't understand. Maybe I was lacking. It was possible. I often felt inferior. I just wanted to get away from them. But there was no place to go.”
    Charles Bukowski

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    Charles Bukowski
    “I drive around the streets
    an inch away from weeping,
    ashamed of my sentimentality and
    possible love.”
    Charles Bukowski, Love Is a Dog from Hell

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    Charles Bukowski
    “She was desperate and she was choosey
    at the same time and, in a way, beautiful, but she didn't have quite enough going for her to become what
    she imagined herself to be.”
    Charles Bukowski, Factotum

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    Charles Bukowski
    “Learn, he says, that there will be hours, days
    and months ahead of feeling absolutely terrible
    and nothing can change that; neither new
    girlfriends, health professionals, changes of diet, dope, humility, or
    God. ”
    Charles Bukowski

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    Charles Bukowski
    “In the morning it was morning and I was still alive.”
    Charles Bukowski, Post Office

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    Charles Bukowski
    “I wasn't a misanthrope and I wasn't a misogynist but I liked being alone. It felt good to sit alone in a small space and smoke and drink. I had always been good company for myself.”
    Charles Bukowski

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    Charles Bukowski
    “and then there are some who
    believe that old
    relationships can be
    revived and made new

    but please
    if you feel that way

    don't phone
    don't write
    don't arrive”
    Charles Bukowski

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    Charles Bukowski
    “your letters got sadder. your lovers betrayed you. kid, I wrote back, all lovers betray. it didn't help. you said you had a crying bench and it was by a bridge and the bridge was over the river and you sat on the crying bench every night and wept for the lovers who had hurt and forgotten you.”
    Charles Bukowski, Love Is a Dog from Hell

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    Charles Bukowski
    “You have my soul and I have your money”
    Charles Bukowski

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    Charles Bukowski
    “unless it comes out of
    your soul like a rocket,
    unless being still would
    drive you to madness or
    suicide or murder,
    don't do it.
    unless the sun inside you is
    burning your gut,
    don't do it.

    when it is truly time,
    and if you have been chosen,
    it will do it by
    itself and it will keep on doing it
    until you die or it dies in you.

    there is no other way.

    and there never was.”
    Charles Bukowski

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    Charles Bukowski
    “and you invented me
    and I invented you
    and that's why we don't
    get along
    on this bed
    any longer.
    you were the world's
    greatest invention
    until you
    flushed me

    now it's your turn
    to wait for the touch
    of the handle.
    somebody will do it
    to you,
    and if they don't
    you will -
    mixed with your own
    green or yellow or white
    or blue
    or lavender
    Charles Bukowski, Love Is a Dog from Hell

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    Charles Bukowski
    “I said goodbye again
    sucking up all that was left of her into the
    little that was left of
    me. I said, 'don't look for me again. fuck it.
    we are all lost. goodbye, goodbye.”
    Charles Bukowski, The People Look Like Flowers at Last

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    Charles Bukowski
    “To me, nudity is a joke. I don't think nude people are very attractive at all. I like my women fully clothed. I like to imagine what might be under there. It might not be the standard thing. Imagine, stripping a woman down, and she has a body like a little submarine. With periscope, propellers, torpedoes. That would be the one for me. I'd marry her right off and be faithful to the end.”
    Charles Bukowski

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    Charles Bukowski
    “Without literature, life is hell.”
    Charles Bukowski

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    Charles Bukowski
    “I loved you like a man loves a woman he never touches, only writes to, keeps little photographs of.”
    Charles Bukowski, Love Is a Dog from Hell

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    Hermann Hesse
    “I believe that I am not responsible for the meaningfulness or meaninglessness of life, but that I am responsible for what I do with the life I've got.”
    Hermann Hesse, Verliebt in die verrückte Welt: Betrachtungen, Gedichte, Erzählungen, Briefe

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    Hermann Hesse
    “Because the world is so full of death and horror, I try again and again to console my heart and pick the flowers that grow in the midst of hell.”
    Hermann Hesse, Narcissus and Goldmund

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    Hermann Hesse
    “So she thoroughly taught him that one cannot take pleasure without giving pleasure, and that every gesture, every caress, every touch, every glance, every last bit of the body has its secret, which brings happiness to the person who knows how to wake it. She taught him that after a celebration of love the lovers should not part without admiring each other, without being conquered or having conquered, so that neither is bleak or glutted or has the bad feeling of being used or misused.”
    Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

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    Ray Bradbury
    “I went to bed and woke in the middle of the night thinking I heard someone cry, thinking I myself was weeping, and I felt my face and it was dry.

    Then I looked at the window and thought: Why, yes, it's just the rain, the rain, always the rain, and turned over, sadder still, and fumbled about for my dripping sleep and tried to slip it back on.”
    Ray Bradbury, Green Shadows, White Whale: A Novel of Ray Bradbury's Adventures Making Moby Dick with John Huston in Ireland

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    Elizabeth Wurtzel
    “Why do anything-- why wash my hair, why read Moby Dick, why fall in love, why sit through six hours of Nicholas Nickleby, why care about American intervention in Central America, why spend time trying to get into the right schools, why dance to the music when all of us are just slouching toward the same inevitable conclusion? The shortness of life, I keep saying, makes everything seem pointless when I think about the longness of death.”
    Elizabeth Wurtzel, Prozac Nation

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    Herman Melville
    “I try all things, I achieve what I can.”
    Herman Melville, Moby-Dick or, The Whale

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    Arthur Golden
    “If you aren't the woman I think you are, then this isn't the world I thought it was.”
    Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha

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    Arthur Golden
    “This is why dreams can be such dangerous things: they smolder on like a fire does, and sometimes they consume us completely.”
    Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha

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    Arthur Golden
    “If you have experienced an evening more exciting than any in your life, you're sad to see it end; and yet you still feel grateful that it happened.”
    Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha

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    Arthur Golden
    “From this experience, I understood the danger of focusing only on what isn't there. What if I came to the end of my life and realized that I'd spent every day watching for a man who would never come to me? What an unbearable sorrow it would be, to realize I'd never really tasted the things I'd eaten, or seen the places I'd been, because I'd thought of nothing but the Chairman even while my life was drifting away from me. And yet if I drew my thoughts back from him, what life would I have? I would be like a dancer who had practiced since childhood for a performance she would never give.”
    Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha

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    Arthur Golden
    “If a few minutes of suffering could make me so angry, what would years of it do? Even a stone can be worn down with enough rain.”
    Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha

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