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    J.L. Langley
    “I swore I'd never become some lord's brainless arm ornament and political host, but I've become far worse. I'm a glorified housekeeper and sperm donor.
    -from the journal of Payton Marcus Townsend.”
    J.L. Langley, The Englor Affair

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    J.L. Langley
    “Me, a tease? I am not. I put out...thank you very much.

    - Jamie Killian”
    J.L. Langley, The Tin Star

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    Z.A. Maxfield
    “Dear Lord,” began Randy, who paused for long enough that Tristan sneaked an eye open to look at him. His saw his mother’s cheek twitch with what he thought might be apprehension. “We are so grateful to be gathered here today with our family, and the family of our brother’s homosexual boyfriend, and our new little goth friend who has a gay dad, whatever the heck that is all about. We’d like to say we’re grateful this year for condoms, lube, and Ellen Degeneres, and for those guys on Queer Eye…”

    Randall Evan Phillips!” his mother shouted.”
    Z.A. Maxfield, Crossing Borders

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    Z.A. Maxfield
    “Damn straight" said Connor. " So yeah, I look at you and I could suck start a leaf blower, or drill a Kevin-shaped body hole into the wall, like a cartoon.”
    Z.A. Maxfield, The Long Way Home

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    Z.A. Maxfield
    “That was Genus Homo, species Whowantstofuckus, subspecies Headup Hisassia. Let us move on to the cages with the interesting animals.

    Jacob to Ben describing JT”
    Z.A. Maxfield, Jacob's Ladder

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    Z.A. Maxfield
    “I think it's romantic," she said mostly to Edward. "Cursed to live their lives in the shadows, to be together only under the cover of darkness... hiding their love from the sunlight."

    "They're gay, honey," said Emma, "not vampires.”
    Z.A. Maxfield, Crossing Borders

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