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    Matthew Hughes
    “a blossom past its perfection, shedding petals like a sad metaphor”
    Matthew Hughes, The Damned Busters

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    Christopher Buehlman
    “That was a mean thought, and not funny at all. I let it turn to sand and blow out of my head.”
    Christopher Buehlman, Those Across the River

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    Margaret Ann Lembo
    “Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, everyone births things into reality.”
    Margaret Ann Lembo, Chakra Awakening: Transform Your Reality Using Crystals, Color, Aromatherapy & the Power of Positive Thought

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    Sarah Schulman
    “You have to notice the truth in order to be able to avoid it.”
    Sarah Schulman, The Mere Future
    tags: truth

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    Martin Berman-Gorvine
    “A righteous man does not conceive of himself as righteous; he is "only doing what anyone else would do," except, of course, that no one else does it.”
    Martin Berman-Gorvine, 36

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    Carma Spence
    “It is a rare goal that has only one path.”
    Carma Spence
    tags: goals

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    Carma Spence
    “Isn't it interesting how we often fight who we truly are, what we truly want and that which we truly deserve?”
    Carma Spence

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    Carma Spence
    “The more you appreciate, the more you have to appreciate.”
    Carma Spence

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    Cate Tiernan
    “Being good is something that one must choose over and over again, every day, throughout the day, for the rest of one's life," Asher said. "A day is made of a thousand decisions, most small, some huge. With each decision you have the chance to work toward light, or sink toward darkness.”
    Cate Tiernan, Immortal Beloved

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