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Just out of curiosity what what your reason for reading this book? Did you read it for pleasure, for school, or to become a better persuader in your profession of sales/marketing/advertising? And secondly, has what you learned helped you make sales or win business? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Elizabeth I read this book for pleasure. Psychology and consumer behavior is incredibility fascinating to me. I've done really well in sales and still saw this book as an asset! It's written in a conversational tone (on purpose I'm sure), and the examples are spot on! Ha, I LOVE the consistency theory's survey example. Anyways, it was the #1 recommended book on Amazon in consumer behavior. I'm curious to know if anyone would recommend a better book. Bottom line, I think everyone should read this book to be aware of these techniques. Applying some of these theories well enough could be dangerous…seriously.
Mary Mimouna I'm reading it for pleasure as I'm very interested in social psychology.
Papaphilly I was given the book as a text book for an Environmental Behavior class, which was about social involvement of environmental issues. It is hands down one of the great texts I have read on the subject. It is not about the environment, but the art of persuasion and the book uses examples that I came across myself. Every consumer should read this book if nothing else, to prepare you for the "sell"
Hasret E I have to read this for school..
Leif Engdell I read it as part of my studies, but the implications are not limited to my profession. It is a god size of life-understanding included in this book.
Tiffany I love behavioral psychology, so it was natural for me to read this book once I learned about it. However, it didn't make it onto my radar screen until I completed a 2-day workshop on Influence at Work, which was designed based on this book.
Stephan This gem is quick hard to read, but if you take your time to read a sentence twice you''ll get it. Other than that, this book is a pure classic published in 1984. But still relevant with today's society.
Karen Chung This was a book assigned in our business book club. *So* glad I read it and got a chance to discuss it with others!
Joanna Zaręba My boss has set me a goal of reading a certain number of books useful in team leading this year and it was on the list. I liked it but it didn't contain any new information for me.
Blake I read this book while in college (majored in Marketing). It was very interesting, but could be dangerous in the wrong hands. I use some of the basic principles to this day. However influence can be used in everyday situations, not just the business world.

Even the way you dress gives you authority. Think about it a police officer in his uniform has instant authority. You are always marketing/selling yourself to others, whether you realize it or not.
Stanley Lee I read the book b/c it was recommended to me by multiple people I know in the SF Bay Area, particularly on the subjects of sales and influence (i.e. the third reason). The lessons I've learned were basic fundamentals for me to deploy when it comes to not losing sales opportunities, and dissect what went wrong when I bought shitty products or lost sales.
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