Book of the Month Small press

  29 votes 23.8%

  14 votes 11.5%

  12 votes 9.8%

  10 votes 8.2%

  8 votes 6.6%

  7 votes 5.7%

  6 votes 4.9%

  4 votes 3.3%

  4 votes 3.3%

  4 votes 3.3%

  4 votes 3.3%

  3 votes 2.5%

  3 votes 2.5%

  3 votes 2.5%

  3 votes 2.5%

  3 votes 2.5%

  2 votes 1.6%

  2 votes 1.6%

  1 vote 0.8%

122 total votes

Poll added by: Rebecca

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A.R. Von Awesome choices :)

Robert Hookey Great picks!

Anna interesting

Tori Ridgewood My vote is cast!

Dee I voted, tough choices!

Dionne Voted :)

G.E. Swanson Vote

Rebecca Nolan Mod
Guys I know hereafter has changed, goodreads had a glitch and put in two different titles with the same name; on for voting and a diffenert one the books section. I have changed it after finding out which is the correct one as one was small press and the other big press (harpercollins). Thank you for your understanding and happy voting!

Laine Voted! And I think I'm going to add a number of these to my to-read list! :)

Tara Hall Voted! :)

Aaron Dennis Done

Bob My vote is cast for Silence of Souls

Leon I cast my vote, proudly for "Faithful Shadow"!!!

message 14: by S. (new)

S. Oberhansley Good luck to all authors!

Thank you to everyone who has voted for Silence of Souls! It's an honor to be nominated. :D

Megan Cashman Thanks Stefanie!

Also, thanks to all who voted for The Dark Proposal. I really appreciate it.

Terri Bruce LOL - the anonymous voting is going out the window in a hurry here! :-)

Kevin Howard I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to vote for all the wonderful novels listed above. I am very thankful for having my novel, Faithful Shadow, listed among such excellent titles and I look forward to reading Wicked Sinners for this month's selection.

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