what is your favorite historical fiction book?

I, Coriander
  2 votes 28.6%

Gone with the Wind (write-in)
  2 votes 28.6%

  1 vote 14.3%

The Help
  1 vote 14.3%

the wicked and the just
  1 vote 14.3%

Quest for a Maid
  0 votes 0.0%

7 total votes

Poll added by: Jolie Rolie Polie :D

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Jolie Rolie Polie :D Mod
i, coriander just happens to be my fav

Jolie Rolie Polie :D Mod
haven't read the help (yet)

message 3: by Catherine (new)

Catherine having a hard time choosing amonst the three....I've already read The Help, and loved it. all three of the others look very interesting....have already added them to my ever-growing list! lol

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