RIME's August Book-of-the-Month Will Be...

  10 votes 30.3%

  9 votes 27.3%

  8 votes 24.2%

  6 votes 18.2%

33 total votes

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message 1: by Amy ♥♫ (new)

Amy ♥♫ You know, it's pointless to vote since it's just the same thing over and over again. I want real books, real authors, and real couples to be placed on here and to actually win (don't tell me know no one liked the couples I picked simply because you never get to read about them having sex . . . that or they never read about them simply because of that same reason. Come on people, get out of bed!).

Alana ~ The Book Pimp Mod
Um, I'm out of bed, and this poll is not about the couples, if just about which book will be the book of the month.

Alana ~ The Book Pimp Mod
Are you saying we're voting for fake authors?

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