April Fantasy Theme Poll

non-paranormal fantasy written by a woman
  25 votes 39.7%

animal, mineral or vegetable?
  13 votes 20.6%

the noble savage
  10 votes 15.9%

is that a magic sword or...
  10 votes 15.9%

just an ordinary (chosen) child
  5 votes 7.9%

63 total votes

Poll added by: Denae

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Denae Clarification for those who like such a concept:

animal, mineral, or vegetable: title must include a non-proper noun usage of one of the above, e.g. gold, lion, tomato (although if you choose the latter we may have to fight)

is that a magic sword or...: hero has a magic sword or other weapon or is frequently in an awkwardly obvious state of...love... (yep, I went there)

non-paranormal fantasy written by a woman: pretty self-explanatory but ask if you have questions

the noble savage: some less technologically advanced or more in touch with the land or other such aboriginal group is primary group or the primary hero is from such a group

just an ordinary (chosen) child: lead is somehow magical/chosen/prophet/the shit without ever having a clue until dark happenings make it obvious

Eric Sturdevant Clarity is good. I'm kinda new to all this--sub-genres sometimes confuse me. How is paranormal fantasy different from other forms of fantasy?

Denae Think werewolves, vampires, ghouls, angels; that sort of thing. Generally, if you see the creatures in paranormal romance or, to a less consistent extent, urban fantasy you can assume it fits the bill. Does that make sense?

Eric Sturdevant Yeah, I think I got it. Thanks.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I don't know what I voted for, but I voted!

Denae and that's what counts

Michelle I <3 the randomness of this poll. also, now I'm really thinking hard (HA!) for a magic sword fantasy novel, in the dirk diggler sense, cuz yeah, you DID go there.

Denae The Terror would work had we not just read it. That's actually what brought it to mind.

Phillip Tang Conan the Barbarian!

Denae And the winner is non-paranormal fantasy written by a woman! See you in the nominations thread!

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