Do you participate in the Group Reads?

Yes, but I never or almost never comment in the Group Read threads.
  176 votes, 42.7%

No, I don't have time.
  150 votes, 36.4%

Yes! I love talking about them in the group read threads.
  52 votes, 12.6%

No, I think we should stop them or make it so that there is only one group read per month.
  18 votes, 4.4%

No, I don't like Group Reads.
  16 votes, 3.9%

Poll added by: J.D.

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message 1: by Thalia (new)

Thalia I'd love to, but it would just get too expensive for me, since I compulsively need to own the books I read, hahha. (:

message 2: by Kat (new)

Kat I chose 'I don't have time', but it's not so much time as the fact I have so many other books on my TBR that it's difficult to reorganise myself in time to participate.

message 3: by Maevis (new)

Maevis I picked I don't like them mostly because I like to choose what I read myself.

Mlpmom (Book Reviewer) None of those options really fit so I haven't voted yet. I do sometimes read the group reads, or I have read them already. I rarely comment just because usually I am too busy reading and don't always find the time or remember to post about them.

message 5: by Shauna (new)

Shauna It does depend on how interesting the book/thread is.

message 6: by Patricia (new)

Patricia I always make note of the group reads, and I have read many of them. One thing I like about the group reads is it encourages me to try some books/genres that I would never have tried before. I don't participate in all of them, sometimes because there is no Kindle version available, or it costs too much on Kindle. Also sometimes the books chosen are just not what I care for. I won't read anything about vampires, zombies, etc.

message 7: by James (new)

James Thompson I would like to participate, and think the group choices are great. But my reading debt is so heavy with work related books that I'm not able to read many of the books i would like to.

message 8: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Stroube Mod
Patricia wrote: "I always make note of the group reads, and I have read many of them. One thing I like about the group reads is it encourages me to try some books/genres that I would never have tried before. I do..."

lol I'm not a big fan of zombies in books either. I like Vamps, but I am burnt out on them. Lately, I've been rooting for witches, angels, demons, elementals, etc.

message 9: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl I would love to participate in the group reads, that was one of my motivations for joining this group. Lately, I have found that I am very busy and do not have the time. My hope is that when the holidays are over I will have more time to read.

message 10: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Yes! I love the groups reads. I comment a little not because I do not want to participate more I just have periods of being extremely busy to not at all. So during the slower periods I comment more.

message 11: by Maria (new)

Maria Schneider It's hard to find the time. I will also mention that a lot of the groups I'm on have seen less traffic in the past few months. Right about the time school started, many forums seemed to die off!

message 12: by Bette Lee (new)

Bette Lee Crosby There isn't always a single answer that's right. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't - depends on how appealing the book is. If a book is truly good, I will post comments/review if it is not, I probably won't.

message 13: by Tom (new)

Tom Connolly The intention was there, much like the intention to read every book on my Kindle by end of the year. Neither, it seems, has happened. I appreciate the time and energy you put into this group, but I'm afraid I am just a Dad in the 21st century; too bloody busy. Thanks for the reminder, though. Good idea to see who wants/needs what.

message 14: by Whitebeard (new)

Whitebeard Books I think you have a great representation of the facts in these comments. The difficulty with group reads is that for each person in the group there is a personality that gravitates toward a specific choice for specific reasons. I tend to read books from the era in which I'm writing and they almost never fit into a group read. I think it might work better to have a list of say, six to twelve books to be read during a year, with a thread about each book title where whenever readers can read the title, they can share perspectives and pros and cons.

message 15: by Susie (new)

Susie Bradley I'm not sure what to answer...none of them really apply to me at this point.
I'm really new to Goodreads, so I don't even know what the group reads are...

message 16: by Sarah (new)

Sarah burrows i chose don't have enough time, but that's not the main reason, its normally i can't get the book in time or money etc, but i do like Whitebeard's idea x

message 17: by Sheryl (new)

Sheryl Dunn Have just joined this group, so haven't had a chance to put my two cents in about what book to group read, or to read an existing group read, but would love to do so.

message 18: by Kyra (new)

Kyra Gates I try to participate but I prefer to answer poll questions instead of writing about the book. Also I don't always get a chance to read some of the books but I do try.

message 19: by Gamergirl23 (new)

Gamergirl23 I try to participate in the group reads, but I find that I end up really busy. I will occasionally already own the book, or have already read the book, and that is when I end up reading the group read. I tend to add all of the interesting group read books to my TBR list, but sadly, I feel I'm adding books faster than I am reading/can afford to buy them. I would love to have the finances and time to read new group reads every month. I like the concept, but am just too busy atm.

message 20: by Denise (last edited Nov 22, 2011 12:55PM) (new)

Denise I have participated in one group read on a book that I did have in my TBR. Unfortunately my TBR is very large and often the group reads are to other titles that I generally do not have and / or cannot justify purchasing. There are also time constraints involved with being able to complete the book by the groups timeline. I enjoy lurking during the discussion, but seldom know what to say in the discussion as often the points I would likely bring up were already done so by others. I find the same difficulty with trying to come up with questions for authors during an interview. I love participating, but often do not know what to say :) So I would fall under a category of yes I would like to, but often feel lost when trying LOL

message 21: by Carole (new)

Carole Gill I would love to have more time.
At the moment i am under deadline to finish the sequel to my novel.
it's taking a great deal of historical research. i write 7 days a week--and it's all go go go.
ugh! sorry.

message 22: by Julie (new)

Julie Witt I really don't have the time or money to buy and read a book that I haven't chosen myself. I review books and it seems like I have to fit my books in here and there when I have time, and I don't want to take on a group read if I don't think I can give it enough attention or do it justice :)

message 23: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk I actually love the group reads, but I have trouble keeping up with just one group read! I think that they should continue, but since the reads are not genre specific, one works better than many.

If some of the folks here are in other groups like I am, it's rough to manage the multiple group reads and discussions.

Just my $0.02

message 24: by Amber Marie (new)

Amber Marie Pettit I am new so I will get to it, and I am reading quite a few other books atm and I am working on 3 novels in my series and I need to get "Imperfect Serenity" done and my website up and all the networking...ugh. Even though I did go out and by darker shades of grey I think it's called and the sequel because of this grp. I think. lol. But I will participate when I can.

message 25: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina i would read the books. but my library most of the time doesnt have them

message 26: by K.P. (new)

K.P. Vorenberg My time is so taken up with writing these days that I barely have time to comment. However, I so enjoyed the one group read I participated in that was a month long -- that was far more manageable for me :)

message 27: by Mary: Harry Dresden's Love Slave (last edited Nov 22, 2011 04:46PM) (new)

Mary: Harry Dresden's Love Slave I chose I don't Have Time for the same reason Kat mentioned. They're usually either books I don't own and my TBR is so huge that I don't want to go out and get it somewhere just to join in the group discussion. Or it's one I've read already but too long ago for me to remember enough to discuss it much. Or I just have too many other books to read for various other reasons: games on paperbackswap, reading challenges, the in person bookclubs I belong too etc..,

Also like someone else said: I belong to several groups that do group reads-I don't really do any of them because they just don't seem to fit into what I want/need to read at the time.

message 28: by Dani (new)

Dani I chose i don´t have time just because i can´t be buying all these books every month and i can´t usually get them from the library because of waiting lists so i can´t participate in them

message 29: by Gina - (new)

Gina -   Behind the Pages I'm stuck between No, never have time and Yes, but don't comment etc. I do them sometimes depending on how many books I have to read and if the book is already on my to-read list then it's a bonus

message 30: by Valerie (new)

Valerie I've had a lot going on the last 6 or 8 months or so, and my hours at work have changed (later/longer hours)... so unfortunately, I just don't have a lot of time :/

message 31: by Briana (new)

Briana Ahh... with 4 kids and 2+ jobs, reading is more of a daydream than a reality for me! I live vicariously through all of you, though. :)

message 32: by wfpoppet (new)

wfpoppet At any given time I fall into one (or more) of the following categories:

-No time (doesn't help that I joined GR at the beginning of the busy season for school) - I'd like to join in some of the group reads at some point, but it'll most likely be in the summer when I have more leisure reading time available.

-Accessibility to the title - I'm a library nut. I buy sparingly, although Half Price Books' Black Friday sale is about to make me eat those words.

-Selected book doesn't appeal to me.

message 33: by Didi (new)

Didi Kat wrote: "I chose 'I don't have time', but it's not so much time as the fact I have so many other books on my TBR that it's difficult to reorganise myself in time to participate."

I agree with Kat on this one, though I chose "No, I think we should stop them or make it so that there is only one group read per month."
I still have lots of books to finish up reading piling so it is really hard for me to keep up with this Group Reads activities.

message 34: by Nicole (new)

Nicole I'm new, i've never taken part in group reads yet but i would love to. As long as it's one book per month though.

message 35: by Dee (new)

Dee Bibb I chose I don't have time. I review books and it is difficult to fit the group reads into my schedule of reading.

message 36: by Deb (new)

Deb Danielson I'm new so havent participated yet. I dont have any of the December books but hoping I'll have easy access in January after I get my kindle. (IF the books chosen are the inexpensive ones and not new releases.) I love discussing books I've read.

message 37: by Elyse (new)

Elyse I too am new, and haven't had the opportunity to contribute as of yet. I may be terrible about finding the time to read and contribute ... but I have to say, I love building my "to read" list by taking note of other's reviews.

message 38: by Diane (last edited Nov 23, 2011 07:34AM) (new)

Diane I'm fairly new at this so I haven't had a chance to be a part of it. I am reading a group read now & have posted about it. I am going to continue to participate each month because I really am enjoying it. Thanks for asking & maybe by bringing this to everyones attention they may also want to begin to be a part of the fun. ;-)

message 39: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer I said that I don't because sometimes my local library doesn't have the book. Also, I have a lot of books that I already have in mind to read and I don't have the time to get another book going, too. If we continue to do the group reads I will try and participate when I can.

message 40: by Grace (new)

Grace I love this group and try to read the posts, but rarely post myself. Time is always a problem.

message 41: by Leah (new)

Leah Kautz None of the answers work for me, so here's mine :) I love Group Reads, but live in an area with very limited internet access, no bookstore and no real library. All of these make getting the books both more difficult and expensive, so I can usually only participate in any kind of group read if I already have the book or know someone who does, so more often than not I can't. I do still love reading the posts though, just don't usually have anything to contribute :(

message 42: by Claude (new)

Claude Forthomme What a depressing result! Almost half don't like it, don't participate , don't, don't don't!

Well, well well. And here I thought Goodreads was a positive place for readers...What's Goodreads for then?

Again, thanks J.D. for all your efforts to get the ball rolling!

message 43: by Kari (new)

Kari my problem is school. Once I'm out of school, I am more likely to participate, but september through december I usually only read academic books. Plus, I am not sure if my local library does lending for kindles yet, and I don't know until that month if I can afford to buy the book that the group is reading.

message 44: by Tona (new)

Tona I like to choose my own reads more than a follow along group. I also tend to loan books from the library and many times there is a long wait.

message 45: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Miles my option isn't on the list - would love too but am skint- my reading material comes in four ways - wins, gifts, charity shops & re-reads

message 46: by Daniel (new)

Daniel I'm with andrea the books i read are shelf re-reads or charity shop gems. Uni students don't get the pleasure of buying books unless they are huge, expensive and for studying from. :)

message 47: by Alexandria (new)

Alexandria Nicole I like that there's multiple reads because then if one I've already read and I don't have time to read one of the others, I can still participate in the discussions if I want to.

message 48: by Nora aka Diva (new)

Nora aka Diva I put I don't have time plus often the options seem to be all in one genre and one I don't have an interest in. Plus I just can't afford to buy books that I might not even finish.

message 49: by Toni (new)

Toni Nelson I'm late, I'm late, I'm late for an important date... true story!

message 50: by Brian (new)

Brian Jones I participate when I have the time but I am in School so the time is more infrequent than I would like. I usually vote for books. I hit the book discussion if I have time.

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