Oct/Nov 2011 Group Read
Category 2 - Historical Mystery

The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl
  31 votes 30.1%

The Anatomy of Ghosts by Andrew Taylor
  23 votes 22.3%

Drood by Dan Simmons
  15 votes 14.6%

Absolution by Murder by Peter Tremayne
  15 votes 14.6%

Speaks the Nightbird by Robert McCammon
  10 votes 9.7%

The Ninth Daughter by Barbara Hamilton
  9 votes 8.7%

103 total votes

Poll added by: Hayes

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message 1: by Catherine (new)

Catherine I voted...but there are a couple on this list that I want to read!

message 2: by Hayes (new)

Hayes Mod
And the winner is: The Dante Club.

Congratulations Liz!

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