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This idea was proposed to me by Kanchi and i think it sounds awesome :) soooooo here is the idea

we could have a book swap what that means is that if you want you can list some books that you would not mind letting someone else in the group borrow and you could borrow books from some one else the books would have to be in paperback/hardcover not digital as we already have a sections for kindle and nook book sharing

so my question is what do you think of this idea??

Heck Yea Sign Me UP!!!!!
  18 votes 52.9%

No Way!!!
  16 votes 47.1%

34 total votes

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message 1: by Jeannie (new)

Jeannie sorry but i mostly rent by books at my library. so i cant really "lend" them out.

message 2: by Anastasia (new)

Anastasia Yeah, same here. I normally use the library.

Tee loves Kyle Jacobson I am a sucker for buying books. I just bought ten more books and OMG I am really going to go broke. If anyone wants a book that I have read and own feel free to ask and I will mail it out.

Happy Reading!

message 4: by Kanchi (new)

Kanchi My liberary has a reading program and we review books and get to keep the book for free and all mine are really taking up room so why not! I'll give a bunch to swap! :) I loved reading them and I'm sure many will too!

message 5: by Kanchi (new)

Kanchi Plus you dont have to swap like 5 books I think only one can do! :)

message 6: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Once I read a book I like to give it away to a friend or charity shop, so its not a problem for me to swap with fellow members.

message 7: by Moondust (new)

Moondust I am in, if its open International! It sounds a lot like Book Mooch. It like trading books right? or do you send a book to whoever's wish list the book your giving is on and receive from whoever has the book you want??

message 8: by Nicol (new)

Nicol i am so sorry but i can't participate it!because all of my books are in Greek!sorry :(

message 9: by Susan (new)

Susan Krafcheck Sounds like a great idea, however; I'm a librarian so guess where my books come from.

message 10: by Rosa (new)

Rosa It sounds like a completely and utterly awesome idea, unfortunately, the library is the source of my books so I unfortunately won't be able to participate. :(

message 11: by Kanchi (new)

Kanchi okay IM PRETTY SURE EVERYONE HERE OWNS AT LEAST ONE BOOK! sorry getting pissed off at an ex

message 12: by Rachael (new)

Rachael Nice idea but I use my local library and only buy books I would read over and over... :)

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