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Liz Mod
BTW, forgot to mention that as we're already into November, you only have until Wednesday to vote!

Dani (Pen to Paper) OOh, haha! There are some good titles there. Was quite hard to choose. Well, it was easy not to choose Dickens (thanks to Uni, I've had enough of Dickens to last me a lifetime!)

message 3: by 4cats (new)

4cats love dickens

Dani (Pen to Paper) I don't think I would mind Dickens.. but I'm currently having to pick Great Expectations apart, and all we seem to talk about is Dickens in Uni... so that's getting really old, very quickly :P

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Krystal well i have not read much of dickens so i think that the hunger games such a good/great book

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Krystal but i also think that the book on the road so yeah such a great book

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