AUGUST SCIENCE FICTION: This poll decides which two books move on to the run-off poll for August SF Book of the Month!

  8 votes 24.2%

  8 votes 24.2%

  7 votes 21.2%

  5 votes 15.2%

  4 votes 12.1%

  1 vote 3.0%

33 total votes

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message 1: by Retta (new)

Retta F Stefan, thank you for reminding me of Sarah Zettel and Miller/Lee's works. However, I also like wordcraft and have trouble chosing between Banks or Ellison for that reason. Oh, who am I kidding- it has to be Banks!!!

message 2: by Stefan (new)

Stefan Mod
Last day to vote! The top two will go on to the run-off poll.

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