Which Kindle do you have?

Kindle 2
  31 votes 62.0%

Kindle 1
  19 votes 38.0%

50 total votes

Poll added by: Nathaniel

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Chad Doh!!

We K1'ers are falling behind!!

Nathaniel Mod
I know a way to fix that! ;)

Lindalkcruise I have both.

Nathaniel Mod
Lindalkcruise wrote: "I have both."

So which way did you vote? I considered including a choice for that, but I really wanted to know which one was your primary device...

Sheila I actually have both, but my KK is set up for my 13 y/o to use at home. :)

I voted K2, since that is what I'm primarily using these days.

Rhiannon Floyd I'm still waiting patiently for my K1 (only a couple more days 'til it arrives!) but I voted for the K1 anyways :P

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