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created Dec 15, 2010 05:46PM PST poll #1
2) We are changing the group's title,and the options are...

Moning Maniacs
  33 votes, 76.7%

The FEVER World
  9 votes, 20.9%

I want another one, I'll mention it in the comments box... (mention it and I'll add it to the poll later)
  1 vote, 2.3%

created Dec 15, 2010 05:34PM PST poll #2
New changes are coming ...
1) Would you like the group to be about every series written by KMM?

Hell yes! I'm dying to discuss all her series as much as we have been doing with her FEVER series.
  27 votes, 65.9%

I don't care about her highlander series, but I do want to have as many folders and threads about the upcoming new series as we have about the FEVER series.
  10 votes, 24.4%

mmmm, I don't know, maybe we could leave the group as it is.
  4 votes, 9.8%

Other option, write it below as a comment.
  0 votes, 0.0%

created Sep 15, 2010 02:16PM PDT poll #3
Who would you prefer to play BARRONS role?


True Blood's Joe Manganiello
  33 votes, 37.5%


David Gandy
  28 votes, 31.8%

Eric Etebari
  15 votes, 17.0%


Henry Cavill
  9 votes, 10.2%

I had another actor in mind... (Say or show which in the comments box)
  3 votes, 3.4%

created Jul 09, 2010 06:32PM PDT poll #4
Which of this theories do you think is the most probable to come true?

Barrons told Mac the mirrors weren't just portals to other dimensions, but portals to time, so She could, theoretically, change time. But that would mean she'd have to pay a heavy price. I think she’s going to use the mirrors in the Hall to change events in time. (From Sarah ~Sehrenity~ )
  20 votes, 52.6%

"What if Barrons is the UK OR/AND the beast. Maybe the Seelie princess found out who he was and cursed him to be a beast. That is why he killed her and why he hates her and why V'lane hates him. Maybe the curse forbids the fae from revealing the truth to anyone- that is why V'lane doesn't tell Mac. Maybe the book is the key to breaking the curse and undoing all the wrong he did in creating the book." (From Heather)
  12 votes, 31.6%

"The dreamy eyed boy is the fourth guy who raped Mac because when she meets him in the museum, she imagines herself having sex with him AND his brothers. Those brothers could be the unseelie princes." (From Mariel)
  3 votes, 7.9%

"Barrons could be an ancient vampire. When he goes to Mac's room at the hotel, he runs his tongue along the vein in her neck. He is also uneasy in O'Bannion's place with all the religious icons. This is the same in the underground room. He is uneasy around religious artifacts." (From Gaynell)
  3 votes, 7.9%

created Jun 26, 2010 08:38AM PDT poll #5
Which character would you prefer as the hero/heroine of her spin off Series?

Christian MacKeltar
  29 votes, 39.2%

Dani O Malley
  20 votes, 27.0%

  12 votes, 16.2%

  11 votes, 14.9%

  2 votes, 2.7%

created Apr 28, 2010 11:50AM PDT poll #6
We must set a date for the re-read. Shadowfever will be out this December and we should have every detail fresh in our mind for the last book in this amazing series. So what do you prefer?

2 this October
2 this November.
  14 votes, 60.9%

It doesn't matter to me as long as we have a re read for sure.
  5 votes, 21.7%

1 every month, starting this August.
  3 votes, 13.0%

Intensive session
All 4 books this November, so we are closer to the release date.
  1 vote, 4.3%

Not interested in a re-read, actually.
  0 votes, 0.0%

All 4 this August.
So I don't read them right next to the one which is releasing this December.
  0 votes, 0.0%

created Apr 24, 2010 03:58PM PDT poll #7
Is Fever your top fav series?

Of course! Loved it above all others.
  25 votes, 39.1%

Yeah, but as are many more.I can't decide.
  24 votes, 37.5%

Haven't finished it, so I can't really say.
  6 votes, 9.4%

Don't think so, mine was... (say below)
  5 votes, 7.8%

It is my favorite UF series so far, but not when it comes to other genres.
  4 votes, 6.3%

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