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created July 13th, 2009 poll #61
Which of the following best describes your attitude towards book purchases?

Are you kidding? I buy so much stuff I could never get to the bottom of when or why...
  66 votes, 30.4%

I buy when I know I cannot get that book from a library or a friend.
  42 votes, 19.4%

I buy on impulse.
  28 votes, 12.9%

I would keep buying even if I were broke.
  25 votes, 11.5%

I buy when I'm not over my budget.
  23 votes, 10.6%

To be honest, libraries tend to all my needs. I rarely feel compelled to buy. Isn't that just great?!
  13 votes, 6.0%

I buy only the long awaited books.
  12 votes, 5.5%

I buy when I get a new paycheck.
  7 votes, 3.2%

I buy when I'm feeling low.
  1 vote, 0.5%


created July 9th, 2009 poll #62
PC #11. So, whatever, you hate his guts. But he sure does look handsome. (We're talking Micah from Anita Blake Series) Micah looks handsome...

::blushes:: "Stop that!" "Stop looking at me like that!!!" "You handsome beast."
  20 votes, 31.7%

When fixing your car.
Scratch that!
When he's all wet, dripping and half naked.
  19 votes, 30.2%

As he checks you out.
  13 votes, 20.6%

As he leans againt the bar.
  11 votes, 17.5%

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created July 6th, 2009 poll #63
Reading is:

My greatest addiction.
  102 votes, 47.4%

My escape from all the troubles.
  50 votes, 23.3%

Reading Is Fundamental.
  18 votes, 8.4%

An ultimate adventure (minus the misery).
  15 votes, 7.0%

A compulsion.
  11 votes, 5.1%

  7 votes, 3.3%

It's a geeky thing. But I'm a geek and proud of it!
  7 votes, 3.3%

  5 votes, 2.3%

  0 votes, 0.0%


created June 28th, 2009 poll #64
PC #10. Nathaniel from Anita Blake Series would be

OMG!! O M G !!! The hair on this guy! It must be him.
  24 votes, 38.1%

I like when a man flashes some abs, so you know where my vote goes.
  18 votes, 28.6%

[image error] The puppy lavender eyes are hypnotisinig me: "Choose me. Me!"
  11 votes, 17.5%

Right. Now I'm confused, this guy looks equally good and fits the desciption even better.
  10 votes, 15.9%

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created June 24th, 2009 poll #65
M/M is:

Fun, from time to time.
  38 votes, 29.9%

Defientely not for me, no offence.
  33 votes, 26.0%

I'm curious about it, but thus far too chicken to try.
  17 votes, 13.4%

Yeah.... What is it?
  16 votes, 12.6%

The best.
  15 votes, 11.8%

It's the m/m romance, right? I tried this once. Check.
  8 votes, 6.3%


created June 24th, 2009 poll #66
PC #9. Edward aka Death, aka Ted Forrester, aka the Undertaker (Anita Blake Series)

aka Jensen Ackles
  31 votes, 43.7%

aka Thomas Hane
  29 votes, 40.8%

aka Julian Escott
  11 votes, 15.5%


created June 19th, 2009 poll #67
Before Goodreads:

3. I read more, stayed online less.
  31 votes, 18.9%

1. I was miserable; I felt like no one understood me and my reading habits.
  26 votes, 15.9%

4. My TBR was under control.
  26 votes, 15.9%

All of the above but 4: Like I could ever keep my TBR list short?! You kidding me?!
  23 votes, 14.0%

All of the above but 3: I used to read less.
  20 votes, 12.2%

All of the above.
  16 votes, 9.8%

All of the above but 1: I was content before, I'm content now. I don't think this site had all that much impact on me, at least not yet.
  11 votes, 6.7%

All of the above but 2: A caffeine fix had always been a must.
  7 votes, 4.3%

2. I was free of any addictions.
  4 votes, 2.4%


created June 17th, 2009 poll #68
What food goes well with books?

Maybe not food, but I just cannot imagine a good reading session without my beverage.
  63 votes, 31.8%

None. Food is distracting, besides, I need to watch the size of my butt.
  36 votes, 18.2%

Chips, pretzels, etc.
  24 votes, 12.1%

  18 votes, 9.1%

I'd say popcorn!
  14 votes, 7.1%

  9 votes, 4.5%

Other (but please specify).
  8 votes, 4.0%

  6 votes, 3.0%

Fruit / Veggies. Love them apples!
  6 votes, 3.0%

Whatever is featured in the book.
  6 votes, 3.0%

Cookies (any pastry really).
  4 votes, 2.0%

  4 votes, 2.0%


created June 11th, 2009 poll #69
Do you prefer books written by women or by men?

If the author is good enough, his/her gender becomes irrelevant. At that point I cannot tell a difference between a man's or woman's writing.
  97 votes, 46.6%

By women.
  48 votes, 23.1%

I do not think it matters much.
  37 votes, 17.8%

It depends on the genre.
  19 votes, 9.1%

There's no difference. So this question is a moot point.
  3 votes, 1.4%

It matters whether the protagonist is female or male, the writer's sex has little to do with anything.
  3 votes, 1.4%

By men.
  1 vote, 0.5%


created June 8th, 2009 poll #70
How are you planning on spending your vacation?

What vacation?
  61 votes, 34.3%

I'm gonna stay home, burried under a pile of books.
  47 votes, 26.4%

On a beach.
  24 votes, 13.5%

Sightseeing. You know: cities, museums, ruins, whatnot.
  17 votes, 9.6%

Visiting relatives.
  11 votes, 6.2%

I can just see myself: glued to the screen, posting on GR like craZy.

What? What's that? I have no life?!
Sheesh! Look who's talking.
  9 votes, 5.1%

Deep in the woods.
  6 votes, 3.4%

Renovating stuff.
  2 votes, 1.1%

Up in the mountains.
  1 vote, 0.6%


created June 2nd, 2009 poll #71
My best friend would be:

That pile of books next to my bed.
  54 votes, 32.0%

My BFF, we know each other since... Ever!
  47 votes, 27.8%

I would say my hubby, but I know he'll get on my nerves sometime soon.
  33 votes, 19.5%

Other (please specify).
  16 votes, 9.5%

My dog.
  9 votes, 5.3%

My cat.
  7 votes, 4.1%

Chocolate ice-cream.
  3 votes, 1.8%


created June 2nd, 2009 poll #72
When feel like I need a break from reading romance books, I ususally:

Go for fantasy or sci-fi.
  46 votes, 23.4%

I have 2 words for you: Young Adult, duh.
  40 votes, 20.3%

Go for something creepy and scary (mystery/crime/horror/thriller).
  38 votes, 19.3%

When I take a break from romance, I take a break from books altogether.
  19 votes, 9.6%

Read some non-fiction.
  11 votes, 5.6%

Grab something off the bestseller list.
  11 votes, 5.6%

Go for historical fiction.
  10 votes, 5.1%

In such case, I just catch up on classics.
  10 votes, 5.1%

Indulge in graphic novels of course.
  8 votes, 4.1%

I read for work/school/home.
  3 votes, 1.5%

Open a cookbook or some self-help stuff.
  1 vote, 0.5%


created May 29th, 2009 poll #73
PC #8. Richard, the science teacher from my dreams (Anita Blake Series), looks like:

creamy melted chocolate yum!
  26 votes, 36.1%

that dude from LOTR
  14 votes, 19.4%

a sexy biker boy
  10 votes, 13.9%

this eye candy
  7 votes, 9.7%

a winner of the wet T-shirt contest
  7 votes, 9.7%

a guy from a toothpaste comercial [image error]
  4 votes, 5.6%

  4 votes, 5.6%


created May 27th, 2009 poll #74
How much do you spend on books?

Ok, so you could call it an addition. But as far as addictions go, this one is rather harmless, right?
  48 votes, 23.2%

Thank God for the libraries! Without them I would have been broke a long time ago.
  41 votes, 19.8%

I'm in denial.
  32 votes, 15.5%

  22 votes, 10.6%

I'm smart about what and how I buy, so it's all under control.
  20 votes, 9.7%

  15 votes, 7.2%

  13 votes, 6.3%

Exorbitant amounts.
  9 votes, 4.3%

A fortune!
  6 votes, 2.9%

  1 vote, 0.5%


created May 22nd, 2009 poll #75
PC #7. Jean-Claude (Anita Blake Series), the way I imagine,

gives women that spine-tingling sensation
  17 votes, 23.6%

looks exactly like this:
  17 votes, 23.6%

sends off carnal, tantalizing vibes
  17 votes, 23.6%

is mysterious and seductive
  6 votes, 8.3%

is intoxicating
  5 votes, 6.9%

looks best with a naked chest
  4 votes, 5.6%

scares the living shit out of mortals
  3 votes, 4.2%

none of the above, but graphic novels got him right, that's for sure [image error]
  3 votes, 4.2%


created May 18th, 2009 poll #76
How much do you read?

  59 votes, 29.9%

I don't really keep track.
  29 votes, 14.7%

About 5 books a month.
  28 votes, 14.2%

15 in a month would be a safe bet.
  26 votes, 13.2%

20 even...
Yup, I read quite a lot.
  21 votes, 10.7%

Too much, that's for sure.
  21 votes, 10.7%

WAY more than that! If you're brave enough to find out, check the comments.
  12 votes, 6.1%

NO, there's no option for those who do not read. If you're not a reader, what exactly are you doing here?! Huh?
  1 vote, 0.5%


created May 15th, 2009 poll #77
PC #6. There's no Phury (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series) without:

killer abs
  23 votes, 24.7%

a wild mane [image error]
  15 votes, 16.1%

that boyish charm
  15 votes, 16.1%

slight stubble
  14 votes, 15.1%

canary irises
  10 votes, 10.8%

macho sideburns
  7 votes, 7.5%

a dimple to sweeten his smile
  5 votes, 5.4%

huge quantities of testosterone [image error]
  4 votes, 4.3%


created May 14th, 2009 poll #78
Happy Endings?

Yes, I love happy endings. I don't need for every story to end well but from time to time, I crave something sweet.
  89 votes, 46.6%

I must have my happily-ever-after, otherwise I get cranky.
  64 votes, 33.5%

I do not like endings. At all.
My books should NEVER end.
  29 votes, 15.2%

I find open endings more realistic.
  3 votes, 1.6%

Kill'em all, I don't care.
  3 votes, 1.6%

If everybody dies at the end, the book must be
really something special for me to like it.
  3 votes, 1.6%


created May 12th, 2009 poll #79
Wait!!! What?! You can enter to win books on GR?! How? HOW?!!
  65 votes, 37.6%

I do, I even won once. ::happy dance::
  41 votes, 23.7%

I do...
But: no luck thus far.
  40 votes, 23.1%

Should I try it? (...) Maybe I should...
  17 votes, 9.8%

I want to win something, but none of the giveaway books strike my fancy. Odd.
  6 votes, 3.5%

Paranoia. Paranoia. Conspiracy theory. Paranoia.
I do not enter and I'm not planning on doing so. I'm not, I repeat: I AM NOT going to put my name on some suspicious list. What a horrible idea! What next? Ask me for my shipping address?! How criminal!!
  4 votes, 2.3%


created May 10th, 2009 poll #80
PC #5. My V (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series):

well, there's something SINISTER about V...
Oh, but I've sinned so much!
  35 votes, 36.8%

has that arabic vibe going [image error]
  14 votes, 14.7%

is built like a warrior
  12 votes, 12.6%

looks classy
  10 votes, 10.5%

was a rocker once
  9 votes, 9.5%

can pull off mustash and a goatee [image error]
  8 votes, 8.4%

has no mercy [image error]
  4 votes, 4.2%

is well hung [image error]
  3 votes, 3.2%

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created April 30th, 2009 poll #81
PC#4. So...
Let's assume you're that top notch, sassy movie producer with all the right connections in Hollywood. Some rich, spoiled jackass throws a bunch of $$$ on you and asks to bring JR Ward's "Black Dagger Brotherhood" to the screen. You decide to focus on Lover Revealed, because, well... let's be honest: who could resist Butch? So you get all excited, right? RIGHT??!!! Admit it, what can be better than working with with this hunky film star? Working hard, working weekends, working long hours, working after hours... working HARD, working WEEKENDS, working LONG HOURS... Tell me WHAT could be better?! I mean, we are talking: tall, heavy duty hunk with broad shoulders and impressive guns. And together with that big body goes a deep voice and an attitude to spare. But all this cockiness and self-confidence fits him, somehow, because... Because God knows our meat pie's a looker in that rough, tough kind of way*... Wait!!! So which film star are we talking about? 'Cause I'm lost...

(*description a courtesy of JR Ward)

Mark Wahlberg ?
  27 votes, 28.4%

David Boreanaz ?
  26 votes, 27.4%

or Jason Statham ?
  26 votes, 27.4%

if not it must be: Colin Farrell .
  10 votes, 10.5%

maybe Bruce Willis ?
  4 votes, 4.2%

no? Mickey Rourke then?
  2 votes, 2.1%


created April 24th, 2009 poll #82
PC#3. In my BDSM scenario Zsadist (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series):

breaks me out of prison
  34 votes, 36.2%

rocks my world
  11 votes, 11.7%

is fast and furious
  10 votes, 10.6%

has tatoos known to me only
  9 votes, 9.6%

Bales bails me out only to cuff me [image error]
  8 votes, 8.5%

starts with a striptease
  7 votes, 7.4%

is nimble and half naked [image error]
  6 votes, 6.4%

is my hero
  5 votes, 5.3%

speaks Spanish [image error]
  4 votes, 4.3%


created April 20th, 2009 poll #83
How graphic do you like it?

You have to ask??!!!
Steamy. Sweaty. Naughty. I want it HOT!
  89 votes, 53.0%

All the graphic stuff doesn't bother me... but, honestly, I could live without it. It's the plot that counts.
  26 votes, 15.5%

A little hot, a little vague... I like being teased,
so if something is left out - fine with me.
  23 votes, 13.7%

I draw a line at the medical terms.
Stuff like smegma rubs me the wrong way.
  12 votes, 7.1%

Keep it PG-13 for me, please.
  8 votes, 4.8%

I sometimes have a problem with the excessively non-explicit 'cosmic rays of light exploding' school of writing...
  6 votes, 3.6%

What are we talking about?
  4 votes, 2.4%


created April 17th, 2009 poll #84
PC#2. To me Rhage (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series) looks like:

The Absolut Hunk[image error]
  20 votes, 21.1%

Mickey Blue Eyes
  13 votes, 13.7%

The Check-Out-My-Dog-Tags Cutie
  13 votes, 13.7%

The Lost&Found Josh
  9 votes, 9.5%

The I'm-So-Yummy Bermuda-ShortsSebastian
  8 votes, 8.4%

The Walk-All-Over-Me Paul Walker[image error][image error]
  8 votes, 8.4%

This one. (He's already in the horizontal position.)[image error]
  6 votes, 6.3%

Finnish Sweet Stuff
  6 votes, 6.3%

Gabriel Aubry (Halle Berry, give him back!!! NOW!)
  5 votes, 5.3%

This biker babe
  5 votes, 5.3%

Captain Awesome
  2 votes, 2.1%

The Non-Meredith-Mc-Dreamy
  0 votes, 0.0%


created April 16th, 2009 poll #85
Do you comment on other people's reviews?

Only if I've read the book myself (or plan on doing so).
  46 votes, 30.3%

I just vote, usually I don't leave comments.
  32 votes, 21.1%

If it's a review of a book that I really enjoyed myself, then sure.
  26 votes, 17.1%

I do nada, I'm too lazy busy.
  17 votes, 11.2%

If you are my friend, I comment on your reviews. That's what friends are for!
  14 votes, 9.2%

With the extremely ridiculous reviews, I just must! Praising utter crap? Trashing my all time favorites? I dare you to try!!!
  9 votes, 5.9%

I'm making a resolution: I'm going to seek out interesting reviews and voice my opinion.
  8 votes, 5.3%


created April 10th, 2009 poll #86
PC#1. I envision my Wrath (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series):

with piercing blue irises
  42 votes, 42.4%

OMG! WOW! THE HAIR! WOW![image error]
  12 votes, 12.1%

with nipple piercings
  11 votes, 11.1%

with sunglasses, at night
  11 votes, 11.1%

with fierce Type-O-Negative-look [image error]
  7 votes, 7.1%

in leather pants
  6 votes, 6.1%

with veiny forearms
  6 votes, 6.1%

with a strong jaw
  2 votes, 2.0%

with a ginormous belt buckle
  1 vote, 1.0%

with intense eyebrows[image error]
  1 vote, 1.0%

with an inoccent (?) smirk[image error]
  0 votes, 0.0%

with juicy Banderas lips
  0 votes, 0.0%


created April 9th, 2009 poll #87
Do you give a book second (third) chances?

No, life's just too short. The author might get a second chance, though.
  48 votes, 30.4%

I must have an OCD, because I always feel compelled to finish the damn book.
  42 votes, 26.6%

Yes, I'd go back and forth a few times (just to make sure I'm not missing out on anything).
  34 votes, 21.5%

Yes, if it's a book I had been recommended to me repeatedly, then yes. Peer pressure, people!
  26 votes, 16.5%

No!!! You hurl it out of the window!!! That's what you do. Oh, and dude... better forget such an author ever existed.
  8 votes, 5.1%


created April 8th, 2009 poll #88
Your take on internet piracy? (anonymous )

Evil! You woudn't steal a car, so... There should not be any double standards! It's somebodys work and source of income for f@&^%# sake!
  35 votes 31.3%

I refuse to answer. I know it's an anonymous poll, but they still might be watching!
  21 votes 18.8%

Not this topic again... I hate talking about this stuff.
  13 votes 11.6%

Shows that people are amoral. Sad but true.
  10 votes 8.9%

Negligible, does not affect matters on the greater scale.
  10 votes 8.9%

I would say: "I'm all for it," but I'm afraid...
  9 votes 8.0%

Shows that the whole system should be changed. Dethrone DMR!
  8 votes 7.1%

My thoughts: (see below)
  6 votes 5.4%

112 total votes

created April 7th, 2009 poll #89
Did you notice it's spring already?

Are you implying I should turn off my computer and take a walk?
  40 votes, 36.4%

Spring? I haven't noticed, I've been reading, and reading, and reading.
  22 votes, 20.0%

Yes, spring... My hormones are going all haywire, there's only one thing on my mind: men, men basking in the sun, men straining their muscles, men wiping their sweat covered naked chests, men with big, strong hands... A hand pressing on my lower back, pleading, urging... Ooh, that felt good, baby... yeah... just like that... Wait, what was this poll about?
  20 votes, 18.2%

No, dammit! And I need it to be warm again!
  11 votes, 10.0%

No, it's fall now, not sping - you've got it all backwards.
  8 votes, 7.3%

No, we don't get spring here, ever.
  5 votes, 4.5%

Yes, it's spring, agreed, but you!!!! You sure should get laid!!!!
  4 votes, 3.6%


created April 2nd, 2009 poll #90
How many GR friends do you have?

I'm rather picky, so it's limited to a few friendly faces.
  36 votes, 27.1%

Plenty. I lost track long time ago but - you know - there's no such thing as too many friends.
  31 votes, 23.3%

A few, but only because I'm new here. Hi!
  31 votes, 23.3%

Add me please (I'm one friend short).
  21 votes, 15.8%

It's just people I know in real life, so...
  9 votes, 6.8%

Plenty doesn't even cover it!!! Shitloads - that's more like it!!! I even added a challenge question and made a purge getting rid of those who haven't logged on for over a year... But I'm still drowning!!!! Help!!!!
  5 votes, 3.8%


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