When choosing a book, how important is the company that published it?

I almost never notice who published the book.
  128610 votes, 51.2%

I have a few publishers I especially like, but mostly I choose the book based on other criteria (story, author, etc.).
  40926 votes, 16.3%

Not very important, but I usually make a note of it.
  39062 votes, 15.5%

never ever!
  37123 votes, 14.8%

Very important. I know if [my favorite publisher] published it, it will be a great read!
  2137 votes, 0.9%

Have learned a LOT over this past year and I do take good notice of publishers. However I've become a HUGE indie author supporter over time. MUCH respect for indie authors, anti-pirating and promote the best I can for them!! So basically what matters most is do I like the authors work. If I do I'm going to promo like crazy the best I can!! Support both, care about the content and the author very much regardless of how it's published!!
  1260 votes, 0.5%

It matters for eBooks because the quality range is so huge.
  1020 votes, 0.4%

I notice the publisher if the book is badly edited. Otherwise it's not very important, though I actually check the publisher out just for curiosity. (write-in)
  216 votes, 0.1%

It doesn't factor into my purchasing decisions. (write-in)
  149 votes, 0.1%

only if it is a part of a series i'm collecting (write-in)
  119 votes, 0.0%

Wait, WHY would people care who the publisher of a book is? IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! (at least not to me) (write-in)
  108 votes, 0.0%

Somewhat important - knowing the publisher will give me a vague idea of what the book will be like. It's not generally make or break if I'm deciding what to read, but it can tip the balance one way or another. (write-in)
  97 votes, 0.0%

it can make a whole lot of difference if it is a translation (write-in)
  51 votes, 0.0%

I've never even noticed. (write-in)
  36 votes, 0.0%

I always check the publisher, but I base my reading decisions on other criteria, such as recommendations. (write-in)
  33 votes, 0.0%

It's only important when the book has been published by several different publishing houses. Some I love for their lay-outing, so that will influence my choice. (write-in)
  32 votes, 0.0%

never ! (write-in)
  32 votes, 0.0%

Holy cow. WHO CARES? (write-in)
  30 votes, 0.0%

Publishers don't write books. I'm more interested in the author or what the promise of the book is. (write-in)
  25 votes, 0.0%

I avoid self-publishing houses, but otherwise the subject, author, and personal recommendations are most important. (write-in)
  24 votes, 0.0%

depends-certain publisher are known for a genre. But most of my authors jump publishers (write-in)
  20 votes, 0.0%

Never (write-in)
  20 votes, 0.0%

This poll is too long and there are too much too read (write-in)
  20 votes, 0.0%

I will favor Baen, Random House, and other publishers who do not participate in Apple's Racketeering Model. (write-in)
  19 votes, 0.0%

I think it only matters if someone needs to know, or you are doing a work cited. (write-in)
  17 votes, 0.0%

I usually don't mind the publisher, but i hate it when a certain publisher has a more attractive book cover than the one i bought first!!..other than that i care more about the book and author itself (write-in)
  15 votes, 0.0%

Some publishers are more reliable, carry better made or attractive books and reputable writers. I also find that some publishers are work harder for the best translations, and in classics. I like Scribner, Penguin, and Oxford. However, I don't fully determine my book buying by publishing house, it is only a factor. (write-in)
  15 votes, 0.0%

I prefer certain publishers over others when it comes to classics (write-in)
  14 votes, 0.0%

Very important. I don't support mess. (write-in)
  12 votes, 0.0%

While selecting a translated book it matters..Sometimes translators differ with publishers and so their translation.. better read the review to find these kind of discrepancies.. (write-in)
  9 votes, 0.0%

I only check when the book is in the genre I would write, that way I would have a better notion of where to turn to when I look for publishing. (write-in)
  8 votes, 0.0%

only when they r on my bookshelf
  7 votes, 0.0%

Who the fuck cares about the publisher (write-in)
  6 votes, 0.0%

What's important is the content, not the publisher. And the author of course, but sometimes I don't care. (write-in)
  5 votes, 0.0%

Rarely matters--except nonfiction, in which case I'll occasionally check as a preliminary gauge of bias & credibility. Otherwise, doesn't matter. (write-in)
  5 votes, 0.0%

Not at all unless I'm looking to replace a specific edition. (write-in)
  5 votes, 0.0%

I definitely judge books partially by their covers, and some publishers match my preferred aesthetic more than others. Usually Picador for contemporary, Penquin for classics. (write-in)
  5 votes, 0.0%

I check the publisher, and some mean more to me than others - but I ALWAYS check the original publication date. Every book's a time capsule! (write-in)
  5 votes, 0.0%

Very important, but only because I work in the business. Before then, publishers didn't mean anything to me. (write-in)
  4 votes, 0.0%

If i dont see anything this first time, i go back and look at the publisher of books ive liked in the past. (write-in)
  4 votes, 0.0%

It only matters to me when buying a physical book (exception: ebooks being free or not). When finishing out a series, I want them all to match. And for classics, I'm almost always drawn to Barnes&Noble. They're the cheapest at my favorite used bookstore. (write-in)
  3 votes, 0.0%

add more answers next time (write-in)
  3 votes, 0.0%

For print books, the publisher doesn't matter to me at all, but for e-books it does, because I only buy DRM-free, (write-in)
  2 votes, 0.0%

I check the publisher because I know which houses publish genres I have absolutely no interest in reading. Other than that, I'm open to any publisher that has produced competently edited books in the past in the wide variety of genres I *do* want to read. (write-in)
  2 votes, 0.0%

yep (write-in)
  2 votes, 0.0%

Avoid publishers in general, choose the most obscure editions and especially avoid HarperCollins, Puffin, Random House, Bloomsbury etc. Self and indie publishers FTW. Definitely worth noting though. (write-in)
  2 votes, 0.0%

Touchdown (write-in)
  2 votes, 0.0%

I'm only just now looking at them to be honest. Sometimes I'd take a glance but only now am I semi-looking for it. (write-in)
  1 vote, 0.0%

I usually take notice when I first pick it up, because as I writer, I want to know not only what's on the market, but whom it's selling to. So yeah, it's mostly out of curiosity, but if it's something I really enjoyed or even something I'd write, I make a mental note of which publishing company decided to support it. :D (write-in)
  1 vote, 0.0%

I have some favorite publishers, but I dont think it's THAT important. I have just two publisher that I really don't like and it was kind of hard for me when they published a book I REALLY wanted to read. I got over it, but I still dont like them any better. (write-in)
  1 vote, 0.0%

There is like 2 that I avoid (write-in)
  1 vote, 0.0%

The chronicles of audy (write-in)
  1 vote, 0.0%

It is important to me if it is a non-fiction historical work, especially if it is an ebook (write-in)
  1 vote, 0.0%

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