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  • Oh! How heartily did she grin...
  • My Dear Mr Bennet, how can you be so tiresome!
  • Come Darcy - I must have you dance.
  • You must allow me to present this young lady to you as a very desirable partner.
  • Well Jane, who is it from?
  • They solaced their wretchedness by duets after supper
  • He was full of joy and attention
  • She had even vouchsafed to suggest some shelves in the closets upstairs
  • I think him very disagreeable
  • Excuse my interference: it was kindly meant
  • I am persuaded... my proposals will not fail of being acceptable
  • Sent by his daughter to announce her engagement
  • Her ladyship, with great condescension, arose to receive them
  • Will you do me the honour of reading that letter?
  • Is not this nice?
  • Mrs Reynolds informed them that it had been taken in his fathers lifetime
  • this formidable introduction took place
  • Her affections had been.. never without an object.
  • Oh, papa, what news - what news?
  • I talked to her repeatedly in the most serious manner
  • As they hastily turned round
  • Gave him to understand that her sentiments had undergone so material a change
  • "Lizzy" said he "Are you out of your senses to be accepting this man?"
  • rupa classics pride and prejudice
  • Portrait of Miss Rosamond Croker

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message 1: by D.krisnha (new)

D.krisnha Kumari i really like the way by which she calls her father

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