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What was your favorite moment of the City of Lost Souls trailer?

Check out what fans had to say:

"Definitely, "My name is Jonathan, but everyone calls me Sebastian. And I'm going to burn down the world." And those wings!!!!" -@TMI_Institute

"Sebastian's narration. Definitely thrilling." -@xJaceClary

"that dynamic between clary and sebastian." -@thepaisleyowl

"wings on fire!!!!!" -@__haniten

"I don't usually care 4 book trailers but that was AMAZING I hope they do more trailers too." -@lovedr22

"Sebastian Marked all over with the wings on fire part!" -@SalmaHNassar

""And i'm going to burn down the world" the fire wings really great !" -@megarii

"I thought it was wickedly creepy and very disturbing! "I loved it!" I loved the end. Jonathan, his dark Angel wings fanned out behind him, ablaze with hell's fire, standing within the blaze undisturbed. As he proclaims his plan to burn down the world." -Lisa L.

"my favourite part was 0 - 55s ;)" -Alice Z.

Don't expect this to be the last you see of Dirty Robber in conjunction with Shadowhunters series.

According to Cassandra Clare, her publisher has grown quite fond of the Dirty Robber crew and expect them back for more trailers.

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message 1: by Tytenyana (new)

Tytenyana wowwwww

message 2: by Sujata (new)

Sujata Raj Those wings are just epic and can even beat Raziel (my opinion)

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