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Book#2 BABY SNATCHERS coming soon....The Donna Cover (front and back)FallingThe Gardener of BaghdadAuthor Scott NicholsonRecklessLogan's RedemptionA Cruel LegacyMy WWII romantic suspense...Queen of HeartsEvery picture tells a story...Hidden CamerasVids eJacketNightwatcherThe Van Meter Visitor back coverDemon Hunter: Saga (cover 2)ThomasDeck of Cardz seriesBathroom CameraSHE CAN RUNThe Mind of a PoetessMENNight Vision CameraFront cover art to LAKE CHARLES, my stand alone Appalachian suspense novelHidden CameraYesterday's IndiscretionFLAHERTY'S CROSSING By Kaylin McFarrenFront cover art for THE ZINC ZOO, my next PI Frank Johnson mysteryA Beautiful Madness novel coverSevered Threads by Kaylin McFarrenThe Strangers OutsideAltered BeginningsCartoon JDThe Clout of GenThe Red ChurchSuspended"Staccato"Suspense shelfSEVEN-X Kindle-Light VigilGuardians of the Cross (The Warrior Series, #2) by T.R. GravesGODCHILDMonksAshesLusting ChapterCaribbean AgendaWithin Temptation Excerpt/PromoYOU ARE NEXT coming 9/28/10Vids CoverDEGENERATESTelevenge the storyTwisted SisterDo Not Enter!Pray For Death ~ Cash PawleyThe Demonic SeriesJack NobleThe Royal 4The Grand Hotel NEXT TIME YOU SEE ME coming 10/26/10Second Novel - Little Island Oklahoma Scrimshaw AuthorsFirst Novel - Red School - CoverThe Manhattan DeceptionMurder, Mi Amore CoverThe Bluestocking Girl: The von Strassenberg SagaExtreme LiquidationImpromptu ScribeTruth and HumilityAuthor with the bookWithin Temptation Excerpt/PromoHot & Spicy The Sea Horse TradeSNARE by Deborah J LedfordThe Unwanted: A NovellaThe GlenKindle editionSKYLARSojourn With A StrangerThe MissingCrushedTelevenge the storyThe Blackberry Pickers by Louise JamesBook's PosterThe Kindred Spirits: Rivers ReturnThe Let Me Go TrilogyCouponSympathy For the Devil Book JacketTeaser ImageTagline for A Kill in the MorningTelevenge the storyPractice To Deceiveromance, drama, suspense, love, african american fiction, urban fictionDarken Teaser ImageConspirator's Odyssey "TEOTPS" by A.K. KuykendallTelevenge the storyTitle coverTelevenge the storyThe Rising ScandalThe Cursed Man promo poster
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