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While the Savage SleepsA visit to the libraryShowing off "You Had Me at ARRGH!!"  and "Desiree"'As Sick As My Secrets'  Book Cover #2Hell on the High RiseShowing off "You Had Me at ARRGH!!"  and "Desiree"Blood BarThe Blood CountessGREY DOGS by Ian DG SanduskyINSTINCT CoverThe Blood CountessThe Forgotten OrphanDemon Hunter: Saga (cover 2)Hidden CamerasSectorsSolsticeA Legend RebornThe Strangers OutsideDead To The WorldMurdermouth: Zombie BitsDagon and Other Macabre TalesVids eJacketBram Stoker Awards 2009Guardians of the Cross (The Warrior Series, #2) by T.R. GravesBirth Of A LegendAs I Die LyingImaginary FriendsRED/shiftBathroom CameraDreamnasiumHorrid Tales Of Wister Town - 2nd RevAshesSEVEN-X Kindle-Light VigilSavoy's Journal - November 1889Beauty Of The Beast"POE 103"  Published by Barley BooksHidden CameraTAC Book JacketSavoy's Journal - December 1889RavenloftIMMERSION cover spreadSavoy's Journal - UnknownNight Vision CameraThe Dark RoadThe Witches of Barrow WoodClass Heroes posterVids CoverMacabre TalesSavoy's Journal - October 20, 1889A Sasquatch from LEGEND TRIPPERSSadistic DeceptionVelvet Honeybone, Girl WerewuffNight Vision CameraSteve EmmettWake the Wicked: Thirteen Twisted TalesHellfire PublishingOriginal Blood Family ArtORIGIN"Curtain Call" cover (artwork by Para Graphic)Book Trailer for THIS BOOK IS FULL OF SPIDERSZombified!!!Friar Garden, Mister Samuel, and the Jilly Jally Butter MintsUdpated CoverMORPHEDNo Way OutPatrick McGrathThe Jersey Devil from LEGEND TRIPPERSThe Unwanted: A NovellaClinical Lycanthropy: E-bookWilliam Hope HodgsonGo Now to the RiverDaniel Dark - Blood FamilyThe Whisper Jar PoemRenpet Vision Seed PosterZAHIRDisney_Horror_backApocalypse: An Anthology for Readers and AuthorsStill from the Hunter's Moon video/photo shoot for Saurimonde.Rayne Hall, fantasy and horror authordemonataThe Blue WordBook's Posterpromo picAuthor Interview still 2M.R. JamesCrimson Soul 2 Cover Art VariantHere Come the Zombies!SpookedThe Asylum WithinNew ad for 'The Vampire Hunters'My Song and Dance and a Little ReadingEdogawa Rampo
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