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GoneAway Into the LandFairy Tale DayRangoon, BurmaKeeping CleanTrekking in NepalCamel TrainLiving Beneath the RadarMarvelous World Book 1: The Marvelous EffectDOD3's TaglineRusty Nugent World map for the epic Destiny of Dragons fantasy seriesRusty Nugent #2 INSTINCT CoverDemon Hunter: Saga (cover 2)A Legend RebornJourney of the ChosenDead To The WorldROMANCEThe Serpent's RingYouthMeet Space Pup from the book Through the Milky Way on a PB&JTymboche, NepalSevered Threads by Kaylin McFarrenHidden JewelSecret of the MummyThe Scrapdragon - the Fortress of UnhappinessElise StokesThe Destiny of Dragons 2: The Book of Resurrection's taglineThe Destiny of Dragons 2: The Book of Resurrection DOD2's TaglineGone Away Into the LandMaking BowlsSerendipityMiquel ReinaDogsled DreamsRileyClass Heroes posterWorld map of Ay, for the Destiny of Dragons seriesSigning at seventeen! Zoolin Vale and the Chalice of RingtarMe & The World! ;)Petre FenrisDOD1: Book of Wrath taglineDragon bannerLinda KovicCaribbean AgendaSavoy's Journal - December 1889Enter The NightMermaidSchool PresentationThe Cold Chaos DragonMeet the CharactersSasha and the Magic PenCentre of BeingBran God of Life and DeathSpellYear of the RamThe Destiny of Dragons 2: The Book of Resurrection emblemThe WISH trilogy by Deby AdairUnicornKisses and The WISH trilogy by Deby AdairBig BlueKiki - no hairThe WishKeeper (Book One of the Paragonia Chronicles)Peter at Harper signing Seven WondersSecret Code of Magicians - SabyThe Scientific MethodCassidy Jones and the Secret Formula, Book OneThe Destiny of Dragons 3: The Book of Redemption's emblemPage Sample 1The SentinelsBook CoverMyrthiaJo Marshall'The Wonderful World of WISH' - The WISH trilogy by Deby AdairActs of GodForsaken Realms, Katalina LeonContinents mapWILDERNESS TRAIL OF LOVEThe Forgotten Tale of LarsaJ.L. Bond and Val RichardsLight Of An Alien SunLegend of the Mantamaji SanctuantsSeeker CoverNovel photo shootCan you imagine Dylan McDermott in the lead role?Existential BeerBleedThe burning of AqabaHydroverse MapTagline for A Kill in the MorningPage Sample 4Dulgin the DwarfThe Magic Pumpkin by Benji Alexander PalusThe Forgotten Tale of LarsaReady For Adventure!Chapter 12 ExcerptFrom the Flight Deck!Chapter 21 Excerpt
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