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Uploaded by: Alice

This is exactly what she would be doing if she were still with us. ;) Reading her novels (or writing more) and answering fan calls by the pool & with a waiter standing by to answer to her every whim. ;D
Very cutsie. ♥

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Anna I totally would be the first one to call her!!! What should happen if she was transported back to America and not where she was originally.

Alice Mod
HAHA she would get SO many calls! lol

Anna That gives me an idea!!! I am totally writing a story about this picture...would you help me Alice?

Alice Mod
lol with doing what?

Anna I was thinking that she would come to America through time-travel and someone random would go to her world. It's a story idea that I need help with!!

Alice Mod
lol sounds sorta like Lost In Austen. lol cute idea!! :D

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