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Uploaded by: max


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Lea (Peeta's #1 Fangirl!) This is the one of the few pictures of Peeta that I like...

Lea (Peeta's #1 Fangirl!) He needs to smile though :(

message 3: by Breeze (new)

Breeze I love this one :) It's cute (which I know sounds like a weird comment for such an intense pic, but I'm sorry, look at their faces! <3 )

Lea (Peeta's #1 Fangirl!) I know!! I think Katniss doesn't look right though.

message 5: by Breeze (new)

Breeze Yeah, she's not really how I imagined her in that pic...

Lea (Peeta's #1 Fangirl!) she looks Japanese...but I like how Peeta and Gale look

message 7: by Breeze (new)

Breeze yeah, same :D

message 8: by Mockingjay (new)

Mockingjay Katniss's hair is too dark in my opinion. I picture it a dark dark brown.

Lea (Peeta's #1 Fangirl!) Well I thought it would be that color. *shrug*

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