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  • Viking Sword, Helmet and Shield
  • Northland Heores Coverart
  • Viking Ship Sculture
  • Gisli the Outlaw
  • Image from The Life and Death of Cormak the Skald
  • Landscape from The Life and Death of Cormak the Skald
  • Map from The Life and Death of Cormak the Skald
  • Beowulf - Help for Heroes
  • Image used as the frontispiece for the Kalevala
  • Artist's impression of Grettir from The Saga of Grettir the Strong
  • Coverart for Vandrad the Viking
  • Original Statue used for Cover of Olaf the Glorious
  • Statue of Leif Ericsson used for cover of The Thrall of Leif the Lucky
  • Ingeborg at Baldur's Temple - Fridthjof's Saga
  • Image from Fridthjof's Saga
  • Fridthjof asking for Ingeborg
  • Ingeborg given to Fridthjof
  • Eric Brighteyes - original artwork
  • Eric Brighteyes - reworked for the cover
  • Northland Heroes - unused Cover
  • Image from The Saga of Howard the Halt
  • Map from the Laxdaela Saga or Laxdale Saga

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Image selected from one of the illustrations in the book

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