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Uploaded at: Apr 08, 2011 10:02PM     Views: 230     flag
Uploaded by: Saskia Largent

So this is what I call my 'new' bookshelf. I got it this year, since there were books ALL over my floor :/

TOP: These are sitting on top of the shelf. They are all borrowed books (Mostly Ros', haha)

SHELF ONE: This is *mainly* the books I brought back from the USA. Most of them are hardcovers (obviously). The stacks make another appearance, although they have maily paperbacks in them.
Sidenote: Nic, notice anything familiar in there? What about you Braiden?
Those random envelopes have swag in them.

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Cass -  Words on Paper You have great taste in books Sas. ;) Hehe. And I'm jealous that you got to go the USA. How bad was bringing it all back though? I'll stick around to see the rest of your bookshelf. Will have to take my photos later, because I'll have to do my IMM first to clear space.

Kylie Mod
Soooo cool!

The Book Mystress Great taste in books hunn is that blinkee Bill up the top?

Saskia Largent Wow, this is really delayed! But, Cass, it was hell! I had them everywhere, and was trying to sneak bags onto planes and everything, haha. I had to send a lot of them home in a box, which cost quite a lot, but ended up being cheaper than if I had bought them all in Australia anyway, so there you go.

And yep, that is good old Blinky!

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