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Uploaded at: Mar 30, 2010 10:23PM     Views: 2567     flag
Uploaded by: Veronica Belmont

By Dave Friedel


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message 1: by Sean (new)

Sean O'Hara I don't know why, but I think Tom would look better with a red lightsaber.

message 2: by Jlawrence (new)

Jlawrence Mod
Haha that is awesome! Yes, red might be better since Tom has a somewhat Sith-y look here. Veronica, your smirk suggests you know you will win.

message 3: by Justin (new)

Justin Kemppainen At first I thought this was a random image from:

The thumbnail does make Tom look a bit like Steven Sharp Nelson (the Cello Guy). Kind of. Maybe....

message 4: by Sean (new)

Sean Wait, isn't a lightsaber both a sword and a laser?

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