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  • Destiny's Denial (Book 2 in Scottish Trilogy)
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Caitlin Seavey relives the same nightmare every night for three years. Then one day, the dream seeps into reality when an ethereal Scotsman visits. Horrified, she confides in her grandmother who then gives her a two hundred year old novel titled Fate's Monolith. It tells the tale of her distant relative's journey to medieval Scotland and can only be a myth. When Caitlin discovers a family heirloom in the attic she soon learns the book is based on truth.

Chieftain Ferchar Mac'Lomain found what he was looking for. Caitlin. He should have left her alone. For to bring her to Cowal will spell disaster-a foreseen threat to himself, his clan, and Caitlin. As a visionary, it's his obligation to protect her. As a man, he's determined to ignore his heart. Can he thwart his destiny? Or will he forever be a slave to the gods of old

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