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Terry Pratchett
& Stephen Baxter

Visit another world with just the flick of a switch! The fantasy wizard and science fiction expert team up for The Long Earth, a novel about infinite migration across worlds.


Mark Haddon

A family coalesces for a tense holiday in the English countryside in The Red House, the latest by the acclaimed author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.



Ernest Cline

Feed your inner geek with a live chat on June 12 about Ready Player One, a science fiction adventure set in a virtual-reality-obsessed future run by genius gamers.


Vanessa Diffenbaugh

On June 26 join the first-time novelist for a live chat about her book, The Language of Flowers, and the joys and challenges of raising children in the foster care system.



Evan Slater's Favorite Books About Surfing

Ocean-bound this summer? Catch a monster ride with these selections from the big-wave surfer and author of Swell: A Year of Waves.


Jess Walter's Favorite Books About Hollywood

Search for an elusive starlet in the new novel, Beautiful Ruins, and try his top five books about the desperate hustle of moviemaking.


Janet Groth's Favorite Books Featuring Literati

Rub elbows with The New Yorker's literary elite in these recs from the ultimate insider, the memoirist behind The Receptionist.



Karen Thompson Walker

In The Age of Miracles, a California preteen crushes on a boy and observes the global upheaval when the Earth's rotation unexpectedly begins to slow down.



The Watch

This literary novel creates a microcosm of war within a single scenario. A lone Afghan woman confronts a group of American soldiers at a desert outpost. Grieving sister or suicide bomber?—a nerve-racking standoff begins.


Mrs. Robinson's Disgrace

In 1858, adulterous contents of Isabella Robinson's diary were read in court at one of England's most scandalous divorce trials. This nonfiction work covers Robinson's legal woes and the changing face of Victorian marriage.


Gone Girl

When Amy disappears on the morning of her anniversary, suspicion is cast on her elusive husband, Nick. With no remains found in this psychological thriller, readers must choose sides as they read the couple's conflicting accounts.


Yes, Chef

Orphaned by tuberculosis in Ethiopia and raised in Sweden by a food-loving adopted family, renowned chef Samuelsson reminisces on his path from the celebrated kitchens of Europe to New York City in this savory memoir.


The World Without You

by Joshua Henkin (Goodreads Author)

A family gathers to commemorate the death of youngest son Leo, a journalist who was kidnapped and killed while on assignment in Iraq one year ago. His widow, parents, and sisters mete out their sadness in this character study.


Shadow and Bone

by Leigh Bardugo (Goodreads Author)

In this young adult fantasy, a band of darkness inhabited by flesh-eating creatures divides the kingdom of Ravka. Mapmaker Alina Starkov discovers that she is a Grisha, one with magical power that could save her nation.



International Book Project

This nonprofit sends 200,000 books annually to developing nations in South America, Asia, and Africa as well as underserved schools and libraries in the United States.



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A Woman's Intuition

There is an internal switch that flips.
It makes me always want to be right
especially when gut says so, but
there is a button marked HUMBLE
next to the switch which often gets
pressed to make me more palatable.

They said it wasn't going to be cancer,
but my switch was in the on position.
I knew in my core. I don't want to
push the HUMBLE button this time.
I need to know that I was right as a
reminder to trust myself.

I wonder though, with female
organs gone and belly in tatters,
did they damage the circuitry of my intuition
or remove it all together
since it is after all, female?

Did they find the mother board while
performing their biopsy and forget to report
on it like they forgot to report on the little
dermoid cyst with long brown hair
that clung to my ovary? Was that cyst

my mother board with its tresses
curled neatly into a tight chignon?
Surgeon said it had no teeth
just hair, so she wouldn't bite even in
her need to be right. Maybe the ovary
contained the HUMBLE button
leaving me stuck
with my need to be right.

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Jessica, Elizabeth, and the Goodreads Team

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