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Matthew Pearl

Using untried forensic techniques, a handful of scrappy students from MIT's first class investigates a series of deadly events in 1868 Boston in the mystery The Technologists.


Dan Chaon

The acclaimed author of Await Your Reply runs the gauntlet from edgy introspection to psychological horror in Stay Awake, a new collection of emotive short fiction.



Lisa Kleypas

On February 28, join the romance novelist for a live chat about Rainshadow Road, the story of a glass artist who must regroup after her fiancé dumps her—for her own sister.


S.J. Watson

The thriller writer will be answering questions in a live chat on February 21 about amnesia, psychological twists, and his debut novel, Before I Go to Sleep.



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Geoff Dyer's Favorite Books About Obsessions

Lose yourself in these literary labors of love, recommended by the meditative writer who reveals his mania for cinema in Zona.


Jacqueline Woodson's Favorite Books About Real Teen Problems

Trade vampires for these true-to-life recs from the author of Beneath a Meth Moon, a young adult novel about a Katrina refugee.


Katherine Boo's Favorite Books About Inequality

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist reports on poverty in Behind the Beautiful Forevers and offers her top reads on the subject.



Eowyn Ivey

In The Snow Child, a lonely married couple struggling to survive on a homestead meets a mysterious young girl living in the rugged wilderness of 1920s Alaska.



No One Is Here Except All of Us

by Ramona Ausubel (Goodreads Author)

As war advances toward an isolated Romanian village, its nine Jewish families reimagine their lives—redistributing spouses and jobs with the magical hope that this will protect them from the outside world of 1939 Europe.


The Conundrum

by David Owen (Goodreads Author)

The more efficient we get—hybrid cars, solar panels, green lifestyles—the more and more we consume. New Yorker writer Owen exposes sustainability's greedy little secret in this troubling environmental call to arms.


Defending Jacob

by William Landay (Goodreads Author)

When a teen is found stabbed to death, assistant district attorney Andy Barber is shocked to discover his own 14-year-old son is accused. As the murder trial proceeds, Andy races to discover the truth in this legal thriller.


Sister Queens

This dual biography by historian Fox charts the unexpected lives of Katherine of Aragon and Juana of Castile. The two spirited royal sisters marry ambitiously to bolster Spain's political power, but both unions lead to betrayal.


A Good American

by Alex George (Goodreads Author)

A grandson narrates the true story of his immigrant ancestors in this fictional family saga colored with jazz and small-town charm, beginning with his grandparents' voyage from Germany to New Orleans in 1904.



by Jodi Meadows (Goodreads Author)

In this utopian young adult novel, all souls are reincarnated with their memories from previous lifetimes intact. But Ana, a "nosoul," is the alarming exception. She seeks answers for her condition—knowing she may only live once.



Want your words to reach 5 million people? Goodreads and the ¡POETRY! group have partnered to host an ongoing poetry contest. Join the ¡POETRY! group to vote each month to pick a winner from among the finalists. You can also submit a poem for consideration. Here is our February winner!

Signs of Impermanence

by Edward Nudelman (Goodreads Author)
The fact that I'm getting old and not just older.
That wine in a glass tastes better than wine
in the stomach. That all matter is not only
streaming toward the edge of the universe
but that my tears are too, and not from the passing
of next of kin, or even from sad visions, but from
old movies seen too many times, and never more
upsetting than the last time, when the ghost,
for instance, had no face and only pointed.
The fact that you can never find good bacon,
you can never relax in the tub, you can never
have a dream that doesn't have at least one
ominous sign. That breath becomes heavier
than gold, time lighter than air, and striving
cumulonimbus. A house on a hill on a country
road with pale sky shimmering? Try to find one.

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