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Richelle Mead

The creator of Vampire Academy reveals details about her eagerly anticipated new young adult series, Bloodlines, and talks about writing strong female protagonists.


Grant Morrison

Batman, Superman, X-Men—this comic book writer works with the greats. His new nonfiction book, Supergods, tells us how superheroes can save the real world.


Danielle Steel

The grande dame of best-sellers talks about her latest novel, Happy Birthday, how persistence wins the prize, and why ghostwriters are simply shocking.



Clyde Edgerton's Vacation Reading: Comic Novels

Looking for laughs? Try this wry Southern writer's new book, The Night Train, and peruse his top five works with wit.


Beth Harbison's Vacation Reading: Love Stories

Indulge in romantic fiction, from poignant to bawdy, selected by the author of Always Something There to Remind Me.


Ernest Cline's Vacation Reading: Books for Geeks

Geek out on these recs from the high scorer behind Ready Player One, a sci-fi adventure set in 2044 when life is a video game.


Glen Duncan's Vacation Reading: Great Stylists

Turn to these prose masters recommended by the author of The Last Werewolf, a bloody yet philosophical tale.



Max Barry

A scientist replaces his own body parts with prosthetics in Machine Man, a serialized novel written online with daily reader input. Ask the thick-skinned Barry about his fiction experiment in our crowd-sourced Q&A.



Lisa Genova

Join the Harvard neuroscientist for a discussion about Left Neglected, a novel in which a workaholic mom survives a car crash but suffers a rare brain injury.


Preston & Child

Chat with the duo who created the suspense series starring FBI agent Aloysius Pendergast, a man shaken by his wife's murder in the new thriller, Cold Vengeance.



Cast Your Friends in Your Favorite Book!

Do you know a ringer for Bilbo? Have you nicknamed your friends Hermione and Ron? Use our new Facebook game to decide who should play whom in your favorite stories. Choose a book, divvy up the characters, and post to your friends' Facebook walls. Maybe they'll cast you next!

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Vanessa Diffenbaugh

A young woman faces homelessness in The Language of Flowers when she "ages out" of the foster care system at 18. Foster mother Diffenbaugh shares an image of her family.



Rules of Civility

New Year's Eve, 1937: A whip-smart secretary and her roommate meet a handsome Gatsby-esque bachelor who ushers them into sophisticated Manhattan society. Both women fall hard in this Depression-era story of ambition.


The Ledge

Mountaineers Jim Davidson and Mike Price summited Mount Rainier, but as they descended, the pair fell into a deep crevasse, killing Price and leaving Davidson stranded. In this memoir Davidson must attempt the impossible.


The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb

by Melanie Benjamin (Goodreads Author)

Only 32 inches tall, Vinnie Bump became one of the most photographed women of the 19th century. This historical novel follows her small-town beginnings, partnership with circus master P.T. Barnum, and celebrity wedding.


The Eighty-Dollar Champion

by Elizabeth Letts (Goodreads Author)

For 80 bucks self-trained rider Harry de Leyer bought a plow horse bound for the slaughterhouse. The two underdogs enter show-jumping competitions alongside moneyed thoroughbreds in this true account.


The Family Fang

Maladjusted siblings Annie and Buster Fang (aka "Child A" and "Child B") grew up serving as props in their parents' performance art. When their parents go missing, they're not sure whether to worry or if it's one last absurdist show.


The Near Witch

by Victoria Schwab (Goodreads Author)

On the windswept moors of Near, children begin vanishing from their beds. The town blames an uncanny stranger, but one rebellious girl believes it could be a legendary local witch come back to life in this magical young adult novel.



Rome, Italy
41° 54' N
12° 30' E

Quiet Chaos

A man saves a stranger's life and then discovers that his fiancée died at the same moment. This prize-winning novel meditates on grief with dark humor and hope.



Want your words to reach 4 million people? Goodreads and the ¡POETRY! group have partnered to host an ongoing poetry contest. Join the ¡POETRY! group to vote each month to pick a winner from among the finalists. You can also submit a poem for consideration. Here is our August winner!

The Latin Girl Speaks of Rivers

When I wrote about the serpentine
river I was really writing about
a rape. When I wrote about the moon
over an oak tree I was writing about
a preteen pregnancy. When I wrote
about the crystalline sea I was writing
all the horror around me into intricate
filigree. I was writing my heart out. I was
writing myself back in. When I wrote about heart
I imagined a muscle of infinite distance,
of the brave little choo choo times ten. I
was dreaming of a heart-shaped boat, an extension
of my past, my trapped beginnings.
When I wrote of a river it was one
I could get myself into twice. It was
wide as an Anglo-dammed Nile, long
as the Negro Mississippi. I wanted
to wrench myself a new closure. I wanted
the tourniquet and the cannon. I wanted
the white water to sail me to a place
where the journey never ends—instead
of the endless fluid nights. I wanted the fissures
to heal of their own magma. I wanted
something of the banks to make clay,
to make me a setting at someone's bountiful
table. I wanted real silver on the plaits
of that liquid path. I wanted its icy skin
to burn against mine, to cleave with each lap,
and run, like the fallen log I was. I wanted
the box of my childhood to open. I wrote
longing in some minor key about a crystalline
river, about the telling moon, about a single leaf
that could carry me home, about the knowing sea,
about me.

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