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Blood & Thunder by Charlie CochetRed Dirt Heart 2 by N.R. WalkerNot Fade Away by S.E. JakesSkye Blue by Alexa LandCaught! by J.L. Merrow
August 2014 MM Releases
94 books — 142 voters

Heroika 1 by Janet E. MorrisCade by Mason SabreIt Lives in The Basement by Sahara FoleyThe Rise of the Phoenix by Mason SabreCade by Mason Sabre
Favorite Mythical Creature Books
167 books — 77 voters
Until November by Aurora Rose ReynoldsUnder Locke by Mariana ZapataBreathe by Kristen AshleyKnight by Kristen AshleyWild Man by Kristen Ashley
Low Angst Romance Books
157 books — 64 voters

My Name Is Rapunzel by K.C. HiltonThe Trouble with Playing Cupid by Tamara PhilipHaunted Tree by Scott Robert SchellerLiliana by Neva Squires-RodriguezSisters Red by Jackson Pearce
Books I need to read in this lifetime
58 books — 34 voters
Paranormal Intruder by Caroline MitchellDoctors in Hell by Janet E. MorrisDon't Turn Around by Caroline MitchellThe Orphan Conspiracies by James MorcanHaunted Tree by Scott Robert Scheller
Top Paranormal Books to Read
24 books — 34 voters

Illegal Contact by Santino HassellBlind Side by Josh LanyonThe Heart of the Lost Star by Megan DerrBarrel Proof by Layla ReyneMaking It by Christine d'Abo
August 2017 MM Releases
17 books — 30 voters

It Lives in The Basement by Sahara FoleyBroken Forest by Eliza TiltonBroken Point by Donna K. ChildreeThe Guardian of Threshold by A.A. VoltsHurry Up, Houdini! by Mary Pope Osborne
2013 New Fantasy Titles
21 books — 30 voters
Cade by Mason SabreFerntree Falls by Patti RobertsHades' Disciples by Michael  WestThe Howling by Gary BrandnerThe Rise of the Phoenix by Mason Sabre
Wolf on Cover - Paranormal books
24 books — 27 voters

Haunted Tree by Scott Robert SchellerOptimal Living 360 by Sanjay JainTall, Dark Streak of Lightning by J.M.  RichardsParadox Love by Dorothy GravelleBefore Life Happened by Isabel Curtis
My Inspirations
68 books — 27 voters
An Unsuitable Heir by K.J. CharlesThe Ghost Had an Early Check-Out by Josh LanyonSightlines by Santino HassellThe Consumption of Magic by T.J. KluneThe Long Past by Ginn Hale
October 2017 MM Releases
9 books — 27 voters

First Light by Adam SigristPandora by Joshua GrantCinema of Shadows by Michael  WestWake the Wicked by Christian BalogaSpook House by Michael  West
College Age Horror
22 books — 23 voters

Pressure Head by J.L. MerrowAmong the Living by Jordan Castillo PriceCamp Hell by Jordan Castillo PriceThe Long Way Home by Z.A. MaxfieldGhosTV by Jordan Castillo Price
Best Gay Psychics or Sixth Sense
23 books — 22 voters
Beloved Sacrifice by Lorraine CareyHaunted Tree by Scott Robert SchellerThe Gatekeeper's Son by C.R. FladmarkThe Final Empire by Brandon SandersonCollide by Ashley Stambaugh
Supernatural Powers Revealed!
28 books — 22 voters

Pandora by Joshua GrantWake by Amanda HockingThe Mist by Stephen KingHidden Doors, Secret Rooms by Jamie EubanksThe Girl with Ghost Eyes by M.H. Boroson
Books with Unusual Monsters
22 books — 17 voters
Spirit Bound by Richelle MeadThe Rise of the Phoenix by Mason SabreTouched by Corrine JacksonThe Reason Series by Zoey DerrickHex Hall by Rachel Hawkins
Great Paranormal Series
40 books — 14 voters

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