Leadership Book Lists

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. CoveyCrucial Conversations by Kerry PattersonInfluencer by Kerry PattersonThe Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick LencioniSocial Media for the Executive by Brian E. Boyd Sr.
Top Management Books
142 books — 96 voters

How to be Successful in Present Day World by Pradeep ChaswalWhat's Behind Your Belly Button? A Psychological Perspective ... by Martha Char LoveYou have the Power for Incredible Success. Manifesting Success. by Tessy Rawlins(You Will) Never Work Again by Erlend BakkeYour Leadership Edge by Ravinder Tulsiani
Growth Mindset
66 books — 70 voters
How to be Successful in Present Day World by Pradeep ChaswalYour Leadership Edge by Ravinder TulsianiAgainst the Grain by Bill CourtneyThe Lean Startup by Eric RiesSocial Media for the Executive by Brian E. Boyd Sr.
Best Modern Business Books
62 books — 69 voters

Against the Grain by Bill CourtneyYour Leadership Edge by Ravinder TulsianiThe Power of Habit by Charles DuhiggThe Art of War by Sun TzuLeadership by Carlos    Rivera
Books on Leadership
57 books — 48 voters

Your Leadership Edge by Ravinder TulsianiLittle Bets by Peter SimsTaking Smart Risks by Doug SundheimCrucial Conversations by Kerry PattersonBuilt to Last by James C. Collins
Best Books on Risk Taking
23 books — 13 voters
The Extremely Successful Salesman's Club by Chris     MurrayBuddenbrooks by Thomas MannWater for Elephants by Sara GruenThe Fountainhead by Ayn RandMemoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George
Best Fiction on Business & Leadership
18 books — 12 voters

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. PirsigGhazals of Ghalib by Mirza Asadullah Khan GhalibYour Leadership Edge by Ravinder TulsianiLiliana by Neva Squires-RodriguezThe Trouble with Playing Cupid by Tamara Philip
Books I Shoulda Read in College
15 books — 11 voters

Your Leadership Edge by Ravinder TulsianiThe Heart of Change by John P. KotterExecutive Coaching by Richard R. KilburgThe Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick LencioniLeading Change by John P. Kotter
Organizational Development reading
19 books — 10 voters
Lead on Purpose by Daniel BlakesleeThe Making of a Leader by Frank DamazioLead Like Hell Is Real by Daniel BlakesleeThe Conviction to Lead by R. Albert Mohler Jr.Bridge Builders by Maria Keckler
Best Books on Christian Leadership
9 books — 7 voters

Leadership by Carlos    RiveraThe Team Formula - A Leadership Tale of a Team Who Found Thei... by Mandy FlintHearts Of Paradise by Jason SeearImpromptu Scribe by Alex MorrittThe Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni
Best Commuter Read
6 books — 6 voters
The Serpent's Shadow by Mercedes LackeyThe Scorpio Races by Maggie StiefvaterWicked Wonderland by Lisa WhitefernMegan's Mark by Lora LeighMurder in Scorpio by Martha C. Lawrence
Scorpio Fiction
22 books — 6 voters

50 shades of yay by Grigory LukinThe Art of Process Improvement by Abdul A. Jaludi
Strategy for process improvement
2 books — 4 voters

Birdbrain by Virginia ArthurThe Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox CabanePlay Like a Man, Win Like a Woman by Gail EvansWomen Don't Ask by Linda BabcockLean In by Sheryl Sandberg
Who Run the World?
8 books — 2 voters
Future Crimes by Marc GoodmanThe 9/11 Commission Report by National Commission on Terr...The Bomb in My Garden by Mahdi ObeidiLiar by Barry L. McManusThrough the Eyes of the Enemy by Stanislav Lunev
Homeland Security
25 books — 2 voters

Rapid Learning by Ravinder TulsianiMaster Negotiation Techniques by Ravinder TulsianiYour Leadership Edge by Ravinder TulsianiHow To Be A Public Speaking Superstar by Ravinder TulsianiTime Management in the Workplace by Ravinder Tulsiani
Books by Ravinder Tulsiani
9 books — 1 voter
Radical by David PlattMindset by Carol S. DweckMaking Ideas Happen by Scott BelskySwitch by Chip HeathUnleashing the Ideavirus by Seth Godin
"The new connection economy"
15 books — 1 voter

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