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♥ Marlene♥ terrible list. How come the first page has nearly only romance, vampire stuff. All series books. I am not even going to bother voting. And the one who started this list has been deleted? Wonder why?

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In one sense, I agree about widening one's horizons. There are many undiscovered treasures out there. On the other hand, if reading is for pleasure, who am I to tell someone else what will please them?

I've been a reader a good long while, and I find that my tastes have evolved, and looped, and rejoined, and re-evaluated over decades, and life phases. I have experienced the mystery of rereading a well-loved book from my past, and thinking, "OMG, this is total CRAP. What was I thinking?" I've also found books that stood the test of time for me, and others where my rereading made me wonder why I had hated the book before.
I agree that someone who only will read books with vampires in them is perhaps just a bit conservative in their reading (since the whole fantasy genre covers everything from Good Omens to Equal Rites to Web of the Witch World to Five Children and It), but most people grow out of their temporary addictions. Anyone out there go through an intense Twinkie phase? Anyone still in it after more than 5 years?

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Gerrie Finger I feel the same way as a lot of you and wonder when the vampire era will end. For me, Anne Rice wrote the ultimate vampire series; nothing else has come close. There were a few comments about reading fantasy is better than reading about real life. I like a good fantasy or horror once in a while. I wouldn't even try to choose one on this list. JMHO, of course.
Happy New Year

♥ Marlene♥ What I do not understand is does this mean there are much more Goodread users who only read books as we see on this list. Vampiry romance than readers who have a more eclectic taste. Or did the other readers just give up voting on these lists because it seems they are in the minority. I confess i did not vote on this list.I've read only 2 books of all the ones on this list.
Maybe in 5 years time the best of list will only contain fantasy, vampire books.

Ash~Daydreaming and Reading everywhere I go~ Shadowfever and Discovery of witches were the best books in 2011 for me.

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Jon Who all voted for these books?! This looks the reading list of a lonely 12 year-old girl. There were so many good books released last year and all of these people just voted for poorly written, paranormal soap operas? Why not just watch television at that point. I'm sure there are plenty of shows on the CW that you would all love. I love the occasional silly book, but this list is the literary version of binge eating at McDonalds. Yeesh.

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Cindy If you don't like the list (and apparently lots of folks don't), then add the books you like! Ask your friends to vote! Or start your own list for 'serious books.' I've only read 2 from the top 100, so it's not really slanted toward my reading, but why should everyone have to read what I like? It's just a list! It's not life and death!

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Ryan Don't you love how Son of Neptune and the Red Pyramid are kids' books.

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Gaia1muse I'm afraid the lists won't be useful to consult anymore if this keeps up. I used the decade list to get caught up on all my reading from 2000 to 2009 but in the past 2 years the lists are increasingly dominated by fantasy and juvenile series. What's happened? There used to be some great authors and books listed and now it's just repeats of a 'narrow genre' as someone else said. Are "fans" of these series coming here to compete to get their book to the top? That would in part seem to be the case if the book is voted in before it's even published. Or is a new list needed which doesn't include series books? Or like the NY Times lists...add lists -- mass market, trade fiction, series etc.? If something doesn't change, I think I am close to losing one of my favorite sites to pick up great suggestions for reading material. :(

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Zeinab Larap wrote: "Several of my favorite books of 2011 either aren't on this list or they're surprisingly farther down that I'd expected ('The Night Circus' I LOVED loved loved). Props to 'A Discovery of Witches' - ..."
I thought the night circus started off really good but then it got so boring !

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Jack Hi everyone,

I have created a new group called Goodreads All Sorts and I'd love for people to join it or just even just give it a look. It's a group that discusses anything and everything. There will be monthly group reads, movies, and music. There is a folder for everything you could think of. I'd really like if people could spread the word because I'd love for the group to be a success. Here is the link to the group:

Thanks very much,
Jack :-)

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Amy Beryl wrote: "Most of these books haven't been published yet, so why do people vote if they haven't read anything?"

People do that because they are expecting for the next book in a series.

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Yesenia there good books!!!people should read them more!!

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Cleo Could someone please delete Bitterblue? It was published in 2012.

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Susanna - Censored by GoodReads Currently #256.

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Conner Did I accidentally click on the Worst Books of 2011 list?

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