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Michael Basso Thanks Tess ! Suggest maybe just write what comes from the heart, listen to the useful suggestions and ingnore those who may try to put you down - then edit later !


Dell was a college senior, ready to enter medical school at Harvard; or so he thought. Little did he know that the ‘Masters of the Great Silence’ had other plans for him which would make a modern medical education like child’s play for him. Through a series of seeming coincidences and disconnected events, he would eventually learn of the mystical initiations that he endured over many lifetimes and their significance as part of a greater whole. He would learn of his own trappings as well as those of the very real demonic hierarchy.

It was now time for the higher initiations. He would be one with the great white shark, regardless of how many times he would have to die trying. Only then would he be able to graduate to the higher planes of Gods many mansions and still maintain mastership over physical existence.


Chapter 1 : Introduction

Chapter 2 : The Tightrope Walker in Spain

Chapter 3 : The Swordsman in France

Chapter 4 : WWII, The Civil War, and the Distant Past

Chapter 5 : The German Monk in the Middle Ages

Chapter 6 : The Scottish Highlands and the little People

Chapter 7 : Africa, Incas, Indians, and Trolls

Chapter 8 : Power and Its’ Abuse

Chapter 9 : Lady Magdalene

Chapter 10 : Tibet Long Ago

Chapter 11 : The Quality of Life

Chapter 12 : Strange Coincidences

Chapter 13 : No Way

Chapter 14 : Meeting the Shark and the First Attempt

Chapter 15 : Trapped by the Dark Force

Chapter 16 : The Exorcism

Chapter 17 : Dell Saves the Lives of Reena and Jared

Chapter 18 : Learning to be a Co creator like the Divas

Chapter 19 : Beautiful Designs

Chapter 20 : The Initiation


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Lloyd Blake Hi Tessa thanks for the compliment. The book is set in the year 2085 where consumption and excess on Earth is rife. President Mark Ashton has just left office. Mark Ashton, Along with his wife Reanna and best friend and former (VP) Bobby Johnston,go on a cruise across the Pacific Ocean. A gateway to a parallel world opens up and the cruise ship is transported to Puteana a world where two unique civilisations are on the brink of war. One civilisation - the Tekhnans - a technologically advanced race intent on growing beyond their borders. The other a preservationist race - the Naturahans - with telekinetic and telepathic powers who want to keep their kingdom as natural as possible. At the heart of this conflict is a flawed treaty originally designed to keep both races separate that is about to be broken by the Tekhnans in their pursuit of more land and a special substance known as Herminite. In the midst of this crisis a young twelve year old Naturahan queen - Queen Samoiyra - wants answers to a question that has plagued her for three years: who murdered her parents and where is the killer. Until she finds out the truth all negotiations with the Tekhnans on an amended treaty are at a standoff. Mark Ashton and his friends get caught up in the epic struggle between the Tekhnans and the Naturahans in the fight for Naturah and the hunt for a Tekhnan murderer. And Mark Ashton has to use all his diplomatic skills and environmental knowledge to help abate a catastrophic war, but will he succeed.

On your question about struggling to write I would follow the advice of Michael, write about something that really interests you. Whether that be politics, technology, science, the environment etc and then add these great interests to characters. Quirky interesting characters, with depth. Make characterisation the heart of your story. Your readers have to care about what happens to these characters. Give your characters certain flaws that make them less than perfect, making them human. Also when you write i believe you have to be confident you are writing in the write voice for example first person or third person or omniscient. Also create a problem that you as the author may intially not have the answers to that you may figure out as you go along.

Tessa good luck with your writing and if you have any other questions put up another post.

Lloyd Blake

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Tess~chan Thanks! Your guys advice is really helping! Your book sounds really great! I'm planning to read it.

message 154: by Michael (new)

Michael Basso make a outline, stay organized and try separating chapters. I agree Lloyd;s book looks great

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Tess~chan That's what my sister said. Any way, a few months back, she was on YouTube and saw this cartoon we used to watch on Saturday mornings when we were little. After finishing the show, she decided to write her own version of it and let me post her first few chapters and would really like it if you guys were to read it and tell her what you think about it.

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Tess~chan Oh, yeah. It's called "Chaos Control Freaks"

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S the Host is being made into a movie, and so the Hunger games! :)

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I voted for Candide by Voltaire. I think it would be brilliant as stop-motion or something similarly whimsical, as long as the director really understood and loved the original book.

message 159: by Tess~chan (new)

Tess~chan I have to agree with you on that. It should be required that any company who makes a book into a movie, the director has to have read it first and REALLY understand what the author is saying. Otherwise the movie will be terrible.

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message 161: by Maya (last edited Jun 30, 2010 10:44AM) (new)

Maya The Sea of Monsters has to be made into a movie. And Hunger Games!

message 162: by Tess~chan (new)

Tess~chan Cool! My sister is reading the Hunger Games books and will freak-out when I tell her.

message 163: by Garrison (new)

Garrison I hugely dissagree with this, The Hunger Games is a book that only words can describe, if it was turned into a movie I can't imagine any director able to even remotely capture the pure detail of the novel.

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Tess~chan It would be neat if they made a movie into a book.
It would be quite interesting... But then again, movies are normally made from books. =(

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Actually, a lot of times they do make movies into books, if the movies are really popular. The problem is that the books come out really badly-written and cheesey. The Pirates of the Caribbean novelizations come to mind.

message 166: by Tess~chan (new)

Tess~chan My sister tried to make a good "movie" into a book and it turned out really good. When you watch a movie, you can see the characters reactions to what happens. But in a book, you can sort of read their mind and feel what they feel. For example:

message 167: by Tess~chan (last edited Jul 04, 2010 12:48PM) (new)

Tess~chan My sister tried to make a good "movie" into a book and it turned out really good. When you watch a movie, you can see the characters reactions to what happens. But in a book, you can sort of read their mind and feel what they feel. For example: (This is part of my sisters book.)

“Hey kid, what ya do’in here?”
Sonic didn’t answer. Were they talking to him? And if they were, why were they referring to him as a baby goat?

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Ivory word is that the hunger games is coming out. SO EXCITED!

message 169: by Marcia (new)

Marcia This book should be a movie in the future because it tells us a beautiful drama which I am sure, a lot of our admired actors go through in their lives.
It's the story of a scottish actor and don't ask me why but I think the role of Liam Wallace might be perfect for Gerard Butler. He could prove himself as an actor. TU ESCRIBES EL FINAL

message 170: by Megan (new)

Megan the hunger games is being made into a movie?!?!?! alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Erin Marie Samantha wrote: "OMG if City of Bones was made into a movie I would FREAK OUT!!"

It Is Being Made Into A Movie In Will B Out In The Next 4 Years So Start Freaking Out!!!!!!!!! <3 jace<3

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Erin Marie Lily wrote: "Samantha wrote: "OMG if City of Bones was made into a movie I would FREAK OUT!!"

I KNOW! AHHHHHHHH. I love Jace. (: (: (: (:
he's so sexy ! and the covers are brill
aaaaaand I love Alec too..."

Its Being Made Into A Movie It Said On The Website But Its Gonna B Like 4 Years B4 Its Out :( But Im Still Really Excited!

message 173: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth a lot of these books like Harry Potter and Eragon are already movies and things like the Hunger Games and Uglies are being made into movies in 2011

message 174: by Ashlee :) (new)

Ashlee :) i would luv to see a lot of those books made into movies!! :) but all u ppl need to think bout the movie ppl just mess up the movie!! :( :( :( like lighting theif and inkheart! omg i luv the bookz but the stupied movie ppl messed up the movies!! thats wat pisses me off!! btw i lv this list i see all my fav books on it and i see bookz that i really really want to see!!!!

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Ever fair listing

message 176: by Patricia (new)

Patricia Roper Wow! How funny, me too and Home Repair was one I was planning to add.

message 177: by Jordan (new)

Jordan Hunger Games! Finally!
And The Host <3

message 178: by Nathan (new)

Nathan I love the hunger games. I can't wait till it comes out.

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Murder in Italy The Shocking Slaying of a British Student, the Accused American Girl, and anInternational Scandal by Candace Dempsey

Who should play angel-faced honor student Amanda Knox, convicted of the study-abroad murder of Meredith Kercher, her British roommate? Who has the right combo of femme fatale and innocent abroad?

I vote for Dakota Fanning or Kristen Stewart.

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Melissa ♥♫ Adam wrote: "the lightning thief is already going to be a movie!!!! it comes out on presidents day 2010. there are two trailers. it looks awesome. they are starting to make a hunger games movie and an uglies mo..."

they better not mess it up! i can c the seperate towns for the Uglies and Pretties in my head and the Specials!!!! Hunger Games better be good too. if its messed up UGH! then idk wat i'd do

message 181: by Jordan (new)

Jordan Oh my, Uglies would be amazing! HUNGER GAMES IS AMAZING. I'm sorry, it's one of my favorite series! :D Mockingjay is coming out soon!

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Jacqueline Island of the Blue Dolphins is already a movie. I watched it in 4th grade.

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Ronyell I think that the seventh Harry Potter movie would greatly complete the series and I also think that Goose Girl would make a great adventure movie!! Also, The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship would make an awesome adventure/comedy movie, like "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen." And Henrik Drescher's Simon's Book would make a great adventure film for children.

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bukowski Andrew Davidsnon's "The Gargoyle" is one of the most beautiful love stories I've ever read. Shows us love in it's pure shape,it's written in such a mistical, dark way, it seems we can touch the holyness of the main characters love. Exelent lines, even better characters.. Rare treasure in this chick- lit era.

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Jessie I'm surprised by some of the books on this list. Neverending Story and Animal Farm have already been made into movies! So have the Left Behind series.

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People want to see a hunger games movie?! Reading about kids being murdered and mutilated is bad enough but now you all want a good visual aid to go along with the text?! Perhaps some good close ups of the little kid being slowly eaten by werewolf mutts at the end of the book would be a good tough. Oh that sounds so exciting...or not.

message 187: by Jordan (new)

Jordan Messie wrote: "People want to see a hunger games movie?! Reading about kids being murdered and mutilated is bad enough but now you all want a good visual aid to go along with the text?! Perhaps some good close ..."
It's not that, it's the fact that people love the book and want to see it visually, to get the whole perspective on the series. If you actually read the book instead of judging it, you would realize it's a great series of a detailed and creative world. It's not just about killing it's about rising against all odds and making your mark and fighting for what you believe in. And it's not like you judge the Saw movies, those are violent too. Hunger Games are just intense. There are no werewolves, gosh, read the book please. Thank you

message 188: by Bryn ((B2/B.P)) (new)

Bryn ((B2/B.P))   Ryeosomniac~~ There going to make hunger games, The host, Uglies, Fallen, Maximum ride, Wicked lovley, Wake, City of bones and If I stay into movies. They will come out either next year or in 2012.

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Jordan wrote: "Messie wrote: "People want to see a hunger games movie?! Reading about kids being murdered and mutilated is bad enough but now you all want a good visual aid to go along with the text?! Perhaps s..."

It's not about killing? Perhaps you could explain to me what the hunger games are about then if not kids killing kids to show domination over districts of people. Sounds like your the one who didn't read the book chief. You don't even remember the muttations at the end that killed Cato. Here's the quote for a reminder...

"The raw hunk of meat that used to be my enemy makes a sound, and I know where his mouth is. And I think the word he is trying to say is please. Pity, not vengeance, sends my arrow flying into his skull."

You like saw eh? I guess you probably would enjoy a movie that showed a little kid eaten to nothing more than a "hunk of meat" and then shot through the head with an arrow.

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Jordan Messie wrote: "Jordan wrote: "Messie wrote: "People want to see a hunger games movie?! Reading about kids being murdered and mutilated is bad enough but now you all want a good visual aid to go along with the te..."
Duh it's about dying, most revolutions involve that....sacrifice for freedom, I mean, have you taken history? People die, kids get killed, people get killed. What I'm saying is that it's not JUST about killing, it's a great book because it focuses on other things, it's many genres. Romance, thriller, action, that's why I love it, and it's well written. And I know the books thoroughly, I've the read Hunger Games and Catching Fire three times so I wouldn't judge if I were you.

Yeah, but smarts, they aren't werewolves, mutations are mutated dogs, get your facts straight. You said werewolves earlier, read your post before saying I was wrong.

Uh, no, I didn't...I'm just saying that there are a lot worse movies out there, but you don't tear them down....why don't you criticize some other book you haven't analyzed thoroughly? Or at least read the books with a new perspective? This series isn't for the faint of heart, so apparently you didn't need to be reading them, and if you didn't like them, just forget about it and move on instead of hating on them. People have different likes and dislikes, and I don't appreciate you attempting to make everyone hate a series just because you did, so go find a series you actually like and say nice things about it instead of trying to hate on this one, thanks.

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Jordan wrote: "Messie wrote: "Jordan wrote: "Messie wrote: "People want to see a hunger games movie?! Reading about kids being murdered and mutilated is bad enough but now you all want a good visual aid to go al..."

I think in your whole comment your best point was about the werewolves cause you are so right. Werewolves and mutated dog people are totally different. You got me on that one.

And justification based on the logic that it's ok because someone or something else is worse makes for a slippery slope my friend.

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Jordan Messie wrote: "Jordan wrote: "Messie wrote: "Jordan wrote: "Messie wrote: "People want to see a hunger games movie?! Reading about kids being murdered and mutilated is bad enough but now you all want a good visu..."
Yes they are different, this isn't some Twilight junk, this is actually a pretty difficult book compared to, "oh look, my boyfriend sparkles!" romance barf (but that's just me...)

Well, it's kind of like your saying, I hate it so everyone else must when that's not reasonable. You can't make me hate it and I can't make you love it, so lets go read books we each personally like and get on with our lives? Okay? Because this is getting pretty ridiculous....

message 193: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Is there a list for books that should absolutely not be made into movies? If so, I vote for Hunger Games and Goose Girl. If either of these books were made into movies I would go on strike at the theatre and any time anyone mentioned the movie I would either start crying or screaming. Hunger games would be so violent and Katniss would be percieved as a heartless, manipulating fool, since we're not inside her head. Unless it was one of those tacky movies where suddenly the main character stares right into the camera and starts telling us her thoughts, but none of the other characters can hear her talking to her invisible audience. TACKY.

message 194: by Maggie (last edited Oct 04, 2010 06:36AM) (new)

Maggie K. The best books in the world are the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. If nobody wants to make it a movie, I will make the movie myself! And I MEAN it!!!Uglies

message 195: by Crystal (new)

Crystal I love L.J. smith. she wrights the Marked seires. That seires is amazing. I also like P.C. cast. she wrights
The Vampire Diaries
The Secret Circle
The Forbidden Game
Dark Visions
Night World

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Marissa I'm pretty sure Harry Potter is already being made into a movie. LOL. Also, Flipped just came out, same with Percy Jackson. And a couple others are set to be made, The Host. AND The Hunger Games (which I'm REALLY excited about! I just hope they get the cast right.) Oh and it would be awesome if they remade Ella Enchanted cause the first one was a majorly botched job. It would also be nice to see The Immortal Instruments series made into a movie. :)

message 197: by Martha (new)

Martha the fever series is being made into a movie!! i highly recommend this series...its the best one out there.

message 198: by Lore (new)

Lore can't wait too see The hunger games movie or the mortal instruments (I'm sure everyone knows about the movie deal by now. I CAN'T WAIT)

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Justine Saulnier Siobhan wrote: "i love th emorganville vampires books!!! they are my favorite series out of all the books ive read!..and ive read alot of books...."

by Justine S.
really i have read alot of books too and i would like to see what these books are about and yes i am obssessed over vampire books since grade 10 and im in grade 12 now anybody on this website know anyother good vampire books i can read?

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