Glasshouse by Charles StrossConsider Phlebas by Iain M. BanksThe Player of Games by Iain M. BanksAltered Carbon by Richard K. MorganRevelation Space by Alastair Reynolds
Books that Inspired Eclipse Phase
88th out of 103 books — 9 voters
Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin SloanThe Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane JacobsStumbling on Happiness by Daniel Todd GilbertBrain Rules by John MedinaContent Strategy for Mobile by Karen McGrane
Books recommended at Webstock 2013
30th out of 30 books — 6 voters

The Windup Girl by Paolo BacigalupiThe City & the City by China MiévilleCyberabad Days by Ian McDonaldWWW by Robert J. SawyerFinch by Jeff VanderMeer
2010 Sci-Fi Award Nominees
25th out of 36 books — 7 voters
Consider Phlebas by Iain M. BanksUse of Weapons by Iain M. BanksThe Player of Games by Iain M. BanksExcession by Iain M. BanksMatter by Iain M. Banks
Eclipse Phase Recommended Reading
82nd out of 101 books — 2 voters

The Information by James GleickThis Machine Kills Secrets by Andy GreenbergSumma technologiae by Stanisław LemReamde by Neal StephensonHoly Fire by Bruce Sterling
CSCI 4830 History and Future of Computing
6th out of 34 books — 2 voters

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