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Hot Head by Damon SuedeBear, Otter, and the Kid by T.J. KluneThe Locker Room by Amy LaneDivide & Conquer by Abigail RouxBetween Sinners and Saints by Marie Sexton
Best M/M Romance Published in 2011
47th out of 503 books — 1,010 voters
St. Nacho's by Z.A. MaxfieldEthan, Who Loved Carter by Ryan LovelessPhysical Therapy by Z.A. MaxfieldCaught Running by Abigail RouxSweet Topping by Carol Lynne
Best Gay Romance With A Character(s) Who Has A Disability
51st out of 309 books — 704 voters

Mine by Mary CalmesDirty Kiss by Rhys FordWithout Reservations by J.L. LangleyGives Light by Rose ChristoMexican Heat by Laura Baumbach
Best Interracial and Multicultural M/M Romances
12th out of 203 books — 104 voters

Cut & Run by Abigail RouxSticks & Stones by Abigail RouxFaith & Fidelity by Tere MichaelsFish & Chips by Abigail RouxArmed & Dangerous by Abigail Roux
Gay and Sexy Characters 40+
78th out of 279 books — 314 voters
Muscling Through by J.L. MerrowSno Ho by Ethan DayClear Water by Amy LaneCaught Running by Abigail RouxOne of Those Days by Zathyn Priest
Best Gay Light-Hearted Romance
86th out of 279 books — 352 voters

Out of the Box Awakening by Jennifer TheriotOut of the Box Regifted by Jennifer TheriotA Rather Unusual Romance by Stevie TurnerFrog by Mary CalmesApples Should Be Red by Penny Watson
Romances With Main Characters Over 40
16th out of 48 books — 57 voters

Caught Running by Abigail RouxPromises by Marie SextonTigers and Devils by Sean KennedyMuscling Through by J.L. MerrowFaith & Fidelity by Tere Michaels
Favorite M/M Romance Fiction Comfort Reads
344th out of 467 books — 348 voters
Tigers and Devils by Sean KennedyThe Curtis Reincarnation by Zathyn PriestHeaven by Jet MyklesPurgatory by Jet MyklesThe Locker Room by Amy Lane
Gay Romances With Characters Who are Celebrities/Famous
105th out of 202 books — 207 voters

Turning 16 by Perie WolfordPromises by Marie SextonFrog by Mary CalmesButterfly Hunter by Julie BozzaTigers and Devils by Sean Kennedy
First Time M/M Readers List
356th out of 439 books — 114 voters
Cut & Run by Abigail RouxZero at the Bone by Jane SevilleFatal Shadows by Josh LanyonHot Head by Damon SuedeAmong the Living by Jordan Castillo Price
M/M Books That Made You A Fan Of This Genre
190th out of 339 books — 203 voters

Unsaid by Avery AsterFreefall by Andrea SpeedThe Celestial by Barry BrennesselSidecar by Amy LaneThe Magpie Lord by K.J. Charles
M/M Romance With (Mostly) Brown Covers
281st out of 326 books — 58 voters

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