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MK & TCK Book Club
MK & TCK Book Club — 165 members — last activity 9 hours, 26 min ago
Friends & Common InterestTravel
Join us as we read books by and about missionary kids (MKs), third culture kids (TCKs), their families, caregivers, and fellow expats. We'll cover eve ...more

Westhill Travel
Westhill Travel — 2 members — last activity Aug 24, 2015 02:29AM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
WESTHILL CONSULTING, TRAVEL & TOURS, INC. was established by a group of people who are travel enthusiasts. They wanted to fulfill a long time drea ...more

BusIndia — 1 member — last activity Aug 18, 2015 06:03AM
Friends & Common InterestTravel

Comfort is costly and ease is expensive. Travelling requires both ease and comfort which can be expensive. Bus India has created the online portal wh


Southwest Readers
Southwest Readers — 9 members — last activity Aug 02, 2015 10:36AM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
This group focuses on both authors and subjects of the American Southwest.

BookExpo America
BookExpo America — 631 members — last activity Jul 24, 2015 04:21AM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
This is a discussion group for those planning on attending BookExpo America 2015 from May 27-29, and BookCon from May 30-31. Feel free to share past e ...more

怎么预约赴香港检查胎儿性别 — 1 member — last activity Jul 11, 2015 02:18AM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
怎么预约赴香港检查胎儿性别?香港国际医疗【高女士咨询热线:137-2899-3750,咨询企鹅:202-3347-505,微信:hkcdna】预约去香港dna验男女/满7周(49天)即可/准确率达99.4%/2-3天出结果/安全无创。香港D-N-A鉴定手续流程:经B超确认胎龄满7周以上抽血送香港血样 ...more

Japanophiles! — 261 members — last activity May 21, 2015 01:13PM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
Do you love Japan? Want to learn about the culture and language? Then come join the Japanophiles! Here, we all love Japan and everything about it, and ...more

Expats in the Middle East
Expats in the Middle East — 6 members — last activity May 20, 2015 08:54AM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
I don't expect my group to be an overnight success, but thing is, I doubt I'm only Saudi Non-National living in this country *cough*I see more filipin ...more

Bruins, Books & Beauty
Bruins, Books & Beauty — 16 members — last activity Apr 24, 2015 01:29PM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face, but with great and strong purpose in your heart. - Hinckley

TV Cruise Deals
TV Cruise Deals — 1 member — last activity Mar 26, 2015 01:36AM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
TV Cruise Deals offer Panama Canal, Hawaii, Alaska, Bermuda, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Antarctica, Asia, Bahamas Cruise Deals and much more at the b ...more

Puntificent — 3 members — last activity Mar 03, 2015 04:31AM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
We wanted to read books, some people really just needed to start, so here we are.

Let's read things we would never have read before!

Disney Planning Club
Disney Planning Club — 2 members — last activity Feb 08, 2015 02:58PM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
This group will be a source for all things Disney, but preferably focused on creating the best possible Disney vacation.

The Book Brigade
The Book Brigade — 1 member — last activity Feb 03, 2015 07:09PM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
A group of friends that travels a lot and stays in touch.

Rick Steves tour guides
Rick Steves tour guides — 3 members — last activity Jan 26, 2015 04:12PM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
A place for us to share our book recommendations--whether educational or just plain fun!

The Cheese Touch Group
The Cheese Touch Group — 8 members — last activity Oct 23, 2014 09:35AM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
This is the most awesome group because Curtis made it and Megan is in it!

Transformational Travel
Transformational Travel — 29 members — last activity Sep 07, 2014 08:00PM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
All journeys are inner. All journeys are sacred.

Whether your travels take you around the corner or around the world; whether you walk, hike, bike, ta

Want to travel around the world with your partner?
Want to travel around the world with your partner? — 6 members — last activity Aug 21, 2014 07:58AM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
A discussion group to discuss the planning, finances, challenges, practicalities, and excitement of taking off to travel around the world with the per ...more

Voi Còi
Voi Còi — 2 members — last activity Jun 05, 2014 08:25PM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
Hello everybody!
My name is Voi Coi. I from Vietnam.

Ghost Adventures RP
Ghost Adventures RP — 10 members — last activity Apr 15, 2014 04:33PM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
anyone who watches, and loves Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel (catch it) come on and roll play your fave ghost guy and we can act out your fave ...more

Texas Mountain Trail
Texas Mountain Trail — 12 members — last activity Mar 30, 2014 08:44PM
Friends & Common InterestTravel
Far West Texas is an amazing place: still a frontier, the desert mountain views are so vast they are only limited by the curvature of the earth. (Grea ...more

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