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Olson and Extended Family Buddy Reads
Olson and Extended Family Buddy Reads — 3 members — last activity Dec 26, 2013 07:46AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
This is a private group for us Olsons and extended family to use for buddy reads

#Bookreader — 8 members — last activity Dec 19, 2013 07:41PM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies

Biscuit Book Club
Biscuit Book Club — 9 members — last activity Dec 11, 2013 08:41AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
The Biscuit Book Club!!

Sister book club
Sister book club — 2 members — last activity Dec 07, 2013 05:05PM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
Tatham sisters

Infertility and Surrogacy
Infertility and Surrogacy — 6 members — last activity Dec 01, 2013 01:58PM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
Infertility touches so many lives yet it's a subject that seems to leave people with more questions once the discussion starts. This group's created w...more

The Tribe
The Tribe — 2 members — last activity Dec 01, 2013 10:58AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
Group for the ATO Tribe (you know who you are).

Literary Ladies
Literary Ladies — 2 members — last activity Nov 07, 2013 08:59AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
Once monthly book club in Wenatchee, WA. Ladies get together and discuss books and eat a light lunch.

Moms and Books
Moms and Books — 9 members — last activity Oct 30, 2013 05:16AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
This is a book club for moms who enjoy reading and want to spend some "off duty" time connecting with friends over good books.

The Rock Crystal Mafia
The Rock Crystal Mafia — 3 members — last activity Oct 15, 2013 08:43PM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
A book club for bad-ass book nerds.

Stay-at-Home Moms & Dads Time Out
Stay-at-Home Moms & Dads Time Out — 4 members — last activity Oct 04, 2013 05:48AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
Authentic & Entertaining Quotes, Stories, Suggestions, Poems...From you about your FAMILY!

OKKM — 8 members — last activity Sep 24, 2013 01:30PM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
reading and discussion of Montessori books

The King's Book Club
The King's Book Club — 3 members — last activity Sep 12, 2013 05:13AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
This book club was started by the King family to keep in touch, though any friends who want to read along with us are welcome to join!

Livingston County Mommies
Livingston County Mommies — 1 member — last activity Aug 24, 2013 09:15AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
A spin-off of the Meetup group, this is a place where we can list all the parenting books we own, note if we found them helpful or not, and offer to l...more

BAA Books Are Awesome
BAA Books Are Awesome — 4 members — last activity Aug 23, 2013 06:08PM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
We celebrate books through familial relationships and long lasting friendships. Rooted in food, laughter, and discussion, we are committed to thinking...more

Mums the word
Mums the word — 2 members — last activity Aug 22, 2013 03:43AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
This group is for anyone that is a Mum or an expecting Mum. Do you have little ones? Teenagers? Are your children grown up? Are you expecting a baby?...more

Partners of Aspies & ASD
Partners of Aspies & ASD — 9 members — last activity Aug 19, 2013 05:46PM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
A group for the NT partners or parents or siblings of people with Asperger's Syndrome or on the Autism Spectrum.

Just a place to vent, share encouragi...more

Wehrheim Book Club
Wehrheim Book Club — 9 members — last activity Aug 16, 2013 10:36PM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
Even when we're in different states, we still like to talk about books.

FAMILY FUN!! — 13 members — last activity Aug 09, 2013 08:42AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies

Kaufman — 6 members — last activity Aug 08, 2013 07:11AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
Fair Food Eaters Anonymous Book Club

Joy in Gentle Parenting
Joy in Gentle Parenting — 22 members — last activity Aug 01, 2013 08:01PM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
This is a group dedicated to gentle child rearing practices. Starting this group so like minded mamas can get suggestions for books.

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