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Mom's Book Banter
Mom's Book Banter — 154 members — last activity May 21, 2015 07:30AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
A reading group for moms to take a time out. We discuss what we are reading, share the trials and tribulations of parenting, support each other and ha ...more

Furay Reading Group
Furay Reading Group — 3 members — last activity May 20, 2015 06:51AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
To further talk to each other ALL THE TIME

July 2000 Moms
July 2000 Moms — 7 members — last activity May 18, 2015 05:06AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
We're a group of moms who all have children born in July 2000!

Sensational Beginnings Child Care Llc recommended books
Sensational Beginnings Child Care Llc recommended books — 2 members — last activity May 10, 2015 10:18AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
Parents, post your favorite, children's books, Parenting books, and/or a book that you think every aspiring parent and parent should read. After you r ...more

Geeky Moms
Geeky Moms — 35 members — last activity May 09, 2015 09:12AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
For geeky moms who read!

wine and a good book
wine and a good book — 8 members — last activity May 05, 2015 09:29AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
General book club focusing on enjoying time with each other

Adoption and After Adoption
Adoption and After Adoption — 63 members — last activity May 05, 2015 02:40AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
if you are adopted, a birthparent, an adoptive parent or someone who knows any of the above and if you live and work in the world of adoption (includi ...more

Infertility and Surrogacy
Infertility and Surrogacy — 7 members — last activity May 02, 2015 08:06PM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
Infertility touches so many lives yet it's a subject that seems to leave people with more questions once the discussion starts. This group's created w ...more

4HBH — 4 members — last activity May 01, 2015 07:10AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
Blockheads cousins

Oberg Family Book Club
Oberg Family Book Club — 6 members — last activity Apr 25, 2015 09:55PM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
This is the online portion of the family book club. One person will pick the book (try to keep the length reasonable. No War And Peace, please!). You ...more

Emails From Jennifer Cooper
Emails From Jennifer Cooper — 3 members — last activity Apr 15, 2015 06:39PM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
What's your story? Jennifer's is pretty unique and interesting...but most people can relate!

Weeks Reads
Weeks Reads — 7 members — last activity Apr 12, 2015 05:28PM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
Closed group for friends and family.

Family Reading Bingo
Family Reading Bingo — 4 members — last activity Mar 30, 2015 12:16PM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
The purpose of this group is to gather family members for the Reading Bingo Challenge. Talk about the challenge, which spaces you filled with which bo ...more

South Bay Gifted/2e Reading Group
South Bay Gifted/2e Reading Group — 7 members — last activity Mar 27, 2015 11:01AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
The SB reading group is a reading group/book club supporting parents who have gifted children and twice exceptional children (gifted with LD).

Three Reading Mice
Three Reading Mice — 3 members — last activity Mar 20, 2015 07:03PM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
Three reading mice, three reading mice,
See how they read, see how they read.

Game of Tomes
Game of Tomes — 7 members — last activity Mar 16, 2015 10:33AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.Therefore, I, Davis of House Cooper, Son of Jill, Lord of the Dominion of O ...more

Stapleton Mother/Daughter Book group
Stapleton Mother/Daughter Book group — 10 members — last activity Mar 16, 2015 08:41AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
Group of smart and awesome moms and daughters who love to read!

Sisterly Bonding
Sisterly Bonding — 2 members — last activity Mar 05, 2015 09:59AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
The purpose of this book club is to bring together siblings who share an interest in reading. It creates a bond over books and the discussions surroun ...more

Wine, Women, & Wit Book Club
Wine, Women, & Wit Book Club — 14 members — last activity Mar 04, 2015 10:06AM
Friends & Common InterestFamilies
Fabulous ladies gathering to discuss books and life.

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