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The Fiction List
The Fiction List — 170 members — last activity 18 hours, 18 min ago
Books & LiteratureGeneral
The Fiction List is dedicated to quality fiction of all genres.. Our number one goal is to share and read the best of fiction!!


Robert McCammon
Robert McCammon — 292 members — last activity Jul 31, 2014 08:49PM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
We will be reading one Robert McCammon authored book a month.

For all his novels and book news visit


Il Giallo Mondadori
Il Giallo Mondadori — 89 members — last activity Jul 31, 2014 11:31AM
Books & LiteratureMystery & Thrillers
Questo gruppo, nasce con l'intento di mettere un po' di ordine tra i Gialli Mondadori e le altre collane da edicola della stessa casa editrice che ad...more

Group 394
Group 394 — 28 members — last activity Jul 30, 2014 10:27AM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
This group is for any and all bibliophiles! We read a little bit of everything although we lean more towards Young Adult but we welcome all suggestion...more

Wilderness Survival Books
Wilderness Survival Books — 37 members — last activity Jul 28, 2014 08:58AM
Books & LiteratureOutdoors & Nature
Out of the thousands of groups on Goodreads, it's baffling there's not a single one that comes up when you search for Wilderness Survival stories.

Worthington Book Club
Worthington Book Club — 8 members — last activity Jul 27, 2014 01:29PM
OrganizationsCommunity Organizations
Worthington Community neighbors (and their friends) are welcome to this book club! We are building friendships and community as we share a passion of...more

PulpItalia — 11 members — last activity Jul 24, 2014 07:43AM
Books & LiteratureMystery & Thrillers
Questo gruppo è dedicato a tutti gli amanti della lettura noir, pulp, avventura, hard boiled, thriller, fantasy, gialli, azione ecc.
A tutti coloro ch...more

What Shall I Read?
What Shall I Read? — 160 members — last activity Jul 04, 2014 01:54PM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
A GoodReads group for Transworld Publishers - a division of the Random House Group in the UK, where we'll be hosting a monthly book group with giveawa...more

Ask Tess Gerritsen & Richard Montanari - Wednesday, March 5th!
Ask Tess Gerritsen & Richard Montanari - Wednesday, March 5th! — 360 members — last activity Jun 14, 2014 09:43AM
Books & LiteratureMystery & Thrillers
Join us on Wednesday, March 5th for a special discussion with authors Tess Gerritsen & Richard Montanari. Tess and Richard will be discussing thei...more

Les Literables Book Club
Les Literables Book Club — 8 members — last activity May 24, 2014 10:31PM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
The Les Literables book club is a satellite of GeekeryDo, meets once a month to talk about what we've read. This community is open to anyone, and our...more

Ask Alice LaPlante - Wednesday, April 16th
Ask Alice LaPlante - Wednesday, April 16th — 43 members — last activity Apr 18, 2014 08:24AM
Books & LiteratureMystery & Thrillers
Join us on Wednesday, April 16th for a special discussion with author Alice LaPlante! Alice will be discussing her book Circle of Wives.

Become a fan...more

SIGMA Force Re-Read
SIGMA Force Re-Read — 5 members — last activity Apr 08, 2014 12:28PM
Books & LiteratureMystery & Thrillers
A re-read of all of James Rollins' Sigma Force novels beginning with Sandstorm through the present.

Map of Bones
Black Order
The Judas Strain

The Great YA Book Hunt
The Great YA Book Hunt — 13 members — last activity Mar 28, 2014 02:38PM
Books & LiteratureYoung Adult
We're determined to find the best YA books out there. If you are searching for books that are surprising, clever, defy generic, mind-blowing, challeng...more

Let's Start a Book Club
Let's Start a Book Club — 10 members — last activity Mar 22, 2014 07:38AM
Friends & Common InterestFriends

I am very excited to announce my first book club group! I have wanted to join a book club for several years, but couldn't find the right one. Either t...more

The Pen Pals
The Pen Pals — 3 members — last activity Mar 18, 2014 02:26PM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
A book club originated by and for two pen pal friends to discuss books read. Also a group for suggestions, discussions, and more pen pals!

Ask Michael Reilly (author MISISIPI)
Ask Michael Reilly (author MISISIPI) — 5 members — last activity Mar 17, 2014 05:53AM
Goodreads AuthorsLiterature & Fiction
All things "Misisipi" - the novel

...January 07, 2014 to February 28, 2014...

The Giveaway finishes Feb 2. Enter here

A group for r...more

The Dark Side: Discussion Group
The Dark Side: Discussion Group — 10 members — last activity Mar 12, 2014 06:35PM
Books & LiteratureMystery & Thrillers
Welcome to The Dark Side, where books can kill.

You’re invited to enjoy the twisted plots and minds of some of Simon & Schuster Canada’s most terr...more

-Ask Bonnabelle Goodrum-
-Ask Bonnabelle Goodrum- — 1 member — last activity Mar 02, 2014 06:24AM
Goodreads AuthorsYoung Adult
Hello there! My name is Bonnabelle. Some people call me Bonnie, others B, and some even Bon! You can call me whatever you like though.

Anyways, I'm the...more

Sparrow & Nightingale
Sparrow & Nightingale — 6 members — last activity Feb 14, 2014 02:04AM
Just for FunToo Much Information
The Sparrow & Nightingale book club is a book club for friends/general geeks who in most cases know each other in real life. It is intended as a p...more

Ask Gail Giles
Ask Gail Giles — 8 members — last activity Feb 13, 2014 06:13PM
Goodreads AuthorsYoung Adult
Stop by to chat with YA author Gail Giles (Shattering Glass, What Happened to Cass McBride, Dark Song, No Returns) One day only: February 13, 2014!

Q&A Martin Marriott
Q&A Martin Marriott — 1 member — last activity Feb 05, 2014 03:47AM
Goodreads AuthorsLiterature & Fiction
Offer you praises or critisms of my works in the style of a Q&A

Distinguished Press - Series Reads
Distinguished Press - Series Reads — 6 members — last activity Feb 02, 2014 02:49PM
Books & LiteratureScience Fiction & Fantasy
Distinguished Press is a series oriented publisher. We also have imprints that publish Young Adult, New Adult and Children's books.

Q&A with A J Waines
Q&A with A J Waines — 19 members — last activity Feb 02, 2014 03:01AM
Goodreads AuthorsMystery & Thrillers
Join A.J.(Alison) Waines for a discussion of her books on January 31st, 2014.

THE EVIL BENEATH reached #1 in 'murder' and 'serial killers' on Amazon in...more

Ask Christopher Parks
Ask Christopher Parks — 26 members — last activity Jan 21, 2014 10:19PM
Goodreads AuthorsMystery & Thrillers
Join author Christopher Parks as he fields questions and shares the journey of writing his second fictional thriller Death Raise.
From 1/6/14-1/30/14

Q&A with Mallika Nawal
Q&A with Mallika Nawal — 2 members — last activity Jan 15, 2014 07:52PM
Goodreads AuthorsMystery & Thrillers
...February 10, 2014 to February 20, 2014...

Ask Shakuita Johnson
Ask Shakuita Johnson — 5 members — last activity Jan 11, 2014 10:35AM
Goodreads AuthorsGay & Lesbian
...December 30, 2013 to January 29, 2014...
Ask me questions about my new novel Dark Indiscretions

Embrace the Shadows
Embrace the Shadows — 6 members — last activity Jan 06, 2014 04:02AM
Books & LiteratureRomance
A group hosted by Harlequin Shivers author Barbara J. Hancock to discuss her books and Gothic Romance

Ad.Infinitum — 5 members — last activity Jan 04, 2014 07:03AM
Books & LiteratureRomance
In hopes of finding friends from around the world who share a common interest. Interested in most if not all genres, especially crime, romance and you...more

Q & A with C.W. Lemoine
Q & A with C.W. Lemoine — 2 members — last activity Dec 08, 2013 12:50PM
Goodreads AuthorsMystery & Thrillers
...December 06, 2013 to January 05, 2014...

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