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The Writer's Cafe
The Writer's Cafe — 365 members — last activity 16 hours, 1 min ago
Just for FunTotally Pointless
Do you write fiction? Non-fiction? Fantasy? Horror? Romance? Chick-lit? Whatever you write, it's welcomed here. Anyone and everyone can hang out at th...more

Black Iris club
Black Iris club — 2 members — last activity Oct 22, 2014 01:28PM
Just for FunFan Clubs
"Vampires, werewolves, witches, shape shifters- they live amount us without our knowledge. Night World is their secret society, a secret society with...more

Writer's Advice and Feedback Group
Writer's Advice and Feedback Group — 159 members — last activity Oct 22, 2014 12:59PM
Friends & Common InterestActivities
This group is for all writers who want some writing advice or feedback on their stories. Anyone can join, whether they're full-time authors or just te...more

Literary Disco
Literary Disco — 659 members — last activity Oct 20, 2014 06:07PM
Books & LiteratureEntertainment
A podcast all about books. Hosted by Tod Goldberg, Julia Pistell, and Rider Strong. Old books, new books, and book-related games. Occasionally, a gues...more

MYSTERY NOVELS BOOK CLUB — 514 members — last activity Oct 10, 2014 03:25PM
Books & LiteratureMystery & Thrillers
For all the people who are devoted to the genre of mystery fiction, this is the place to be. The term mystery Fiction includes Crime fiction, detectiv...more

Roleplays! — 5 members — last activity Sep 15, 2014 05:24AM
Student GroupsCommunity Groups
Our Roleplay Group!

Pass It On! Writing
Pass It On! Writing — 13 members — last activity Sep 12, 2014 11:55AM
Entertainment & ArtsHumor
Start with a sentence, Others Continue it. Adding many sentences until you have a story.

To Write is Might!

Scribbler — 27 members — last activity Sep 07, 2014 03:15AM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
Welcome to Scribbler :)

This is just another group for people who love writing, and just want to have fun. Hope you enjoy your stay :D

World Library Top 100 Books of All Time
World Library Top 100 Books of All Time — 13 members — last activity Aug 06, 2014 07:28PM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
This is a group for those who wish to share their views on the books from the World Library Top 100 Books of All Time.

I Am Not Frazzle!
I Am Not Frazzle! — 12 members — last activity Aug 03, 2014 03:09AM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
This group's purpose to raise awareness of the book "I am not Frazzle," an anthology based project with all the funds going to the Devizes Opportunity...more

The Pomegranate Garden
The Pomegranate Garden — 2 members — last activity Jun 24, 2014 04:49AM
Just for FunOutlandish Statements
A group for readers of postmodern, surreal, experimental, statement and conspiracy based literature. Whether it be bizarre poetry, a story with a stat...more

Writing on the Wall
Writing on the Wall — 33 members — last activity Jun 01, 2014 01:20PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
Doesn't that sound fun? Writing on the wall? Sadly, i did it when i was 4 and got in a lot of trouble :P
But in this group, u won't get in trouble for...more

To Write and Read
To Write and Read — 5 members — last activity May 12, 2014 07:35PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
Here there will be weekly (maybe monthly) writing challenges to complete.

Fun and Totally rad roleplays
Fun and Totally rad roleplays — 1 member — last activity Apr 25, 2014 10:41PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
Just fun rp's!! (Wip)

Live, Laugh & Love Writing
Live, Laugh & Love Writing — 1 member — last activity Apr 14, 2014 05:19AM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
Here we all LOVE writing!

We read, write and discuss out opinions with others. We share, recommend and create stories, fanfiction, poetry, quotes and m...more

The Scribblers
The Scribblers — 5 members — last activity Feb 11, 2014 03:14PM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
Welcome to the Scribblers, a group for writers and the wonderful worlds they create.

---A brief scribble about us Scribbler's---

We are built on the ink...more

YA Lovers & Mythical Creatures
YA Lovers & Mythical Creatures — 18 members — last activity Jan 19, 2014 06:24AM
Books & LiteratureYoung Adult
Shadowhunters, Divergents, Witches, Succubs, Werewolfs, Vampires, Dhampires, Morois, Alchemists, Faeries, Angels, Shapeshifters, Spies, and simply YA...more

Story Writing Group
Story Writing Group — 1 member — last activity Nov 24, 2013 10:14AM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
This is really a group only for my use but can also be used by all of you members out there.

This group can also be used to answer any questions about...more

Dragonball Z
Dragonball Z — 1 member — last activity Nov 18, 2013 01:59PM
Just for FunInside Jokes
Okay, so this group is for people that like/love dbz. Fanfics and such are allowed.

Fairy Tales
Fairy Tales — 4 members — last activity Oct 03, 2013 08:49AM
OrganizationsClubs & Societies
Herzlich Willkommen bei FairyTales!

Die Moderatoren dieser kleinen aber feinen Gruppe werden jeden Monat eine Geschichte vorstellen - egal welchen Medi...more

YA Lovers.
YA Lovers. — 2 members — last activity Sep 23, 2013 02:10PM
Books & LiteratureYoung Adult
This book club is just for fun and is for people to find buddy reads and books there will also be books on the reading list that everyone can join in...more

Ashland Blazer CCR Reading Group
Ashland Blazer CCR Reading Group — 73 members — last activity Sep 17, 2013 12:35PM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
This is the online reading group for the College and Career Readiness Classes of Paul Blazer High School in Ashland, KY.

Writing Freely
Writing Freely — 4 members — last activity Sep 03, 2013 06:10AM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
A group for writers, who love to write poems, stories, scripts and any other material.

Society of Ontario Nerdfighter Bibliophiles
Society of Ontario Nerdfighter Bibliophiles — 13 members — last activity Aug 25, 2013 09:18PM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
All things nerdy, all things awesome. With a literary twist. Let's talk about bookish things, whether it be books, book-to-movie adaptations, bookstor...more

Power of the Pen Veterans
Power of the Pen Veterans — 1 member — last activity Jun 06, 2013 10:30AM
Friends & Common InterestActivities
This is a group for those High Schoolers who participated in the Power of the Pen program in middle school and miss it as much as I do. We will discus...more

Writer's Corner
Writer's Corner — 4 members — last activity May 28, 2013 05:27PM
Friends & Common InterestHobbies & Crafts
This group is for everyone who likes to write. You can share your writings here!

Stories — 1 member — last activity May 26, 2013 08:10AM
Books & LiteratureArts & Photography
This group is about peoples stories they've thought of,wrote down, or even begun to write. I'd like to here some AMAZING and cool new idea's from you...more

The Writing Village
The Writing Village — 5 members — last activity May 10, 2013 07:31PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
The Writing Village is a small group. It's purpose is engage our users in the world of writing. Here you can enter challenges, learn new tricks and ti...more

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