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Rated YA-MA
Rated YA-MA — 3169 members — last activity 6 minutes ago
Books & LiteratureYoung Adult

A group for adult lovers of Young Adult fiction. We feature a different type of book for each month's group read, in order to cater to a variety of re...more

Genre Specific Review Groups
Genre Specific Review Groups — 410 members — last activity 28 minutes ago
Goodreads AuthorsProfessional & Technical
Following the example of fellow Goodreads group, "Review Group", this group believes support for our Indie authors is extremely important. Many of the...more

*~Can't Stop Reading~*
*~Can't Stop Reading~* — 2287 members — last activity 3 hours, 21 min ago
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
Everyone is welcome, this is a book club for all genres! For those of us who like to read everything!

Feminist Science Fiction Fans
Feminist Science Fiction Fans — 130 members — last activity 6 hours, 13 min ago
Books & LiteratureScience Fiction & Fantasy
This group is focused on the sub-genre of Science Fiction that explores feminist issues such as women's roles in society. Feminist Sci-Fi poses questi...more

Goodreads All Sorts
Goodreads All Sorts — 1112 members — last activity 7 hours, 32 min ago
Books & LiteratureGeneral
Goodreads All Sorts is a group for everyone, young and old. We have discussions on books, film, music and more. Take part in our monthly and quarterly...more

LGBT Fantasy Fiction
LGBT Fantasy Fiction — 967 members — last activity 12 hours, 13 min ago
Books & LiteratureGay & Lesbian
The LGBT (Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered) Fantasy Fiction group focuses on fantasy stories whose major characters have diverse sexual-orientations...more

Between Two Worlds: Into the Dream
Between Two Worlds: Into the Dream — 7 members — last activity 15 hours, 24 min ago
Just for FunTotally Pointless
Around here, life's a dream...

The town of Redbrook, Arizona does not officially exist. You will not find its name in any encyclopedias, atlases, or st...more

NetGalley Addicts Support Group
NetGalley Addicts Support Group — 6 members — last activity Apr 16, 2014 06:51AM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
Warnning, if you are not already a NetGalley addict, you will soon become one by joining this group. Proceed with caution!

Do you find yourself browsin...more

Modern SF
Modern SF — 158 members — last activity Apr 16, 2014 06:37AM
Books & LiteratureScience Fiction & Fantasy
I love reading a good classic as much as the next person. Yet...

As much as I adore Star Trek and Lord of the Rings, I lately can't fight the feeling t...more

Creative Reviews
Creative Reviews — 2568 members — last activity Apr 15, 2014 04:43PM
Friends & Common InterestHobbies & Crafts
This group is a way to gather together people who like to write book reviews as well as advertise their book review blogs. With enough people we will...more

Stephen King Book Club
Stephen King Book Club — 50 members — last activity Apr 13, 2014 06:08PM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
Welcome to the Stephen King Book Club!
A place where we read a different book by Stephen King each month. You can post your progress in the thread whi...more

Doge Books
Doge Books — 13 members — last activity Apr 13, 2014 05:45PM
Friends & Common InterestFriends
Wow! such group! many books! (PT)

Fandoms, Ships and Fangirling
Fandoms, Ships and Fangirling — 397 members — last activity Apr 13, 2014 09:29AM
Entertainment & ArtsGeneral
This group is devoted to the many fandoms of the world. We discuss movies, people, books, and more. Whether you're into Tolkien, Harry Potter, Doctor...more

Kami's Kreations Blog
Kami's Kreations Blog — 148 members — last activity Apr 12, 2014 09:08PM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
Visit my blog for daily Kindle Freebies, Book reviews, DYI projects, and jewelry creations for sale at my Etsy store.


The Ultimate Fandoms
The Ultimate Fandoms — 68 members — last activity Apr 10, 2014 07:04PM
Just for FunFan Clubs
This is a group where fandoms can join and lead discussions, play games, and much more. Feel free to join and look at our Fandoms :D *We recently star...more

Steampunk Reads
Steampunk Reads — 1826 members — last activity Apr 09, 2014 10:56PM
Books & LiteratureScience Fiction & Fantasy
What is steampunk?
Steampunk is Victorian science fiction
"Steampunk" is the science-fiction of the Steam Age; the Industrial Revolution re-imagined...more

Nördafrænkubókahópurinn — 4 members — last activity Apr 09, 2014 07:19AM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
Fyrir okkur að deilda hverju við erum að lesa og hvernig okkur finnst það.

The U.S.S. Anastasia
The U.S.S. Anastasia — 40 members — last activity Apr 08, 2014 03:35PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
Welcome Aboard the Federation's finest Interplanetary Travel Ship!

The poster greets people of all walks of life as they board the huge vessel. It wa...more

Fantascienza — 188 members — last activity Apr 03, 2014 06:18AM
Books & LiteratureScience Fiction & Fantasy
Gruppo dedicato alla fantascienza*

Don't panic!

*Non fantasy, per quello c'è un il gruppo FantasYtalia (Fantasy Italia).

Literatura Fantástica en Latinoamérica
Literatura Fantástica en Latinoamérica — 173 members — last activity Apr 01, 2014 05:45AM
Books & LiteratureScience Fiction & Fantasy
Grupo abierto para charlar sobre El Salto Cuántico y ciencia ficción en general.
La premisa es impulsar este género y similares entre autores y lector...more

Interviews with Children's, Sci-fi & Fantasy Authors
Interviews with Children's, Sci-fi & Fantasy Authors — 6 members — last activity Mar 24, 2014 07:18AM
Books & LiteratureChildren's Books
This group is for sharing and discussing our favorite Children's, Science Fiction, and Fantasy authors. It will feature interviews with such authors.

Welcome to Night Vale {Roleplay and discussion}
Welcome to Night Vale {Roleplay and discussion} — 3 members — last activity Mar 16, 2014 05:07PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep.
The Arctic...more

YA and Teen Girls Book Group
YA and Teen Girls Book Group — 4 members — last activity Mar 12, 2014 10:20PM
Friends & Common InterestFriends
Hey everyone! My name's Ebony and welcome to my book group. I have great plans for this group where we can share books and do fun quizzes! Everyone gi...more

Gerard Way's Sci Fi Book Club
Gerard Way's Sci Fi Book Club — 1 member — last activity Mar 12, 2014 04:36PM
Books & LiteratureScience Fiction & Fantasy
He mentioned it on Twitter.. Here's a group for it! We can read along with his choices, discuss, and whatever...

The Matrix Club
The Matrix Club — 1 member — last activity Mar 08, 2014 02:08PM
Books & LiteratureScience Fiction & Fantasy
In 1999, a movie was created that had people questioning the world and life as we know it. This group will read books that contain elements essential...more

-Ask Bonnabelle Goodrum-
-Ask Bonnabelle Goodrum- — 1 member — last activity Mar 02, 2014 06:24AM
Goodreads AuthorsYoung Adult
Hello there! My name is Bonnabelle. Some people call me Bonnie, others B, and some even Bon! You can call me whatever you like though.

Anyways, I'm the...more

Read all about YA!
Read all about YA! — 3 members — last activity Feb 26, 2014 10:31AM
Books & LiteratureYoung Adult
Love reading The Hunger Games? Divergent? Unwind? Then this club is a great place for you and others to interact and talk about these books and sugges...more

Greater Waco Sc-Fi & Fantasy Fan Club
Greater Waco Sc-Fi & Fantasy Fan Club — 1 member — last activity Feb 22, 2014 03:23PM
Books & LiteratureScience Fiction & Fantasy
goodreads group for the Greater Waco Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fan CLub

Ask M.J. Stevens
Ask M.J. Stevens — 3 members — last activity Feb 15, 2014 09:17PM
Goodreads AuthorsYoung Adult
Hello world of Goodreads!

I'm M.J. young writer and now published author from Australia. My debut YA novel was released on the 25th of January (info: h...more

EBR Parish Library 20somethings
EBR Parish Library 20somethings — 5 members — last activity Feb 06, 2014 08:47PM
This group is meant for folks from EBR that are aged from 18 to 30ish. We accepts all readers from all walks of life. Come read with us!

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