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Complaint Department
Complaint Department — 375 members — Last Activity Jan 15, 2017 01:03AM
Friends & Common InterestFriends
Post complaints, commiserate, show and receive empathy, have fun, make friends with straight, gay, and people of all sexual orientations. So let off s ...more

I'm here for...
I'm here for... — 71 members — Last Activity Jul 11, 2016 02:23PM
Friends & Common InterestSelf-help
You can cry here, with us all that understand you, embrace your indifference and be awesome you!! Post poetry thoughts and hard times!! :)) Enjoy new ...more

THE FEELS — 19 members — Last Activity Jan 20, 2016 11:44AM
Books & LiteratureYoung Adult
A group of people who like to express their suffering from books.
Sometimes you just got to talk about the pain...we're not crazy...

We are currently lo

Lonely Hearts
Lonely Hearts — 24 members — Last Activity Jan 11, 2015 11:14AM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
No matter how much we say we're moving on, we're not. No matter how much we say we're over him, we're not.

So sick of being lonely, so sick of having

Ollie We miss and love you
Ollie We miss and love you — 35 members — Last Activity Sep 10, 2014 06:56AM
Friends & Common InterestSelf-help
This is a support group for my friend Ollie, she is hurt right now and I'd like for her to know she is not alone I was hoping to reach 200 members to ...more

Legends of Mortaea (Semi-Adnvanced RP)
Legends of Mortaea (Semi-Adnvanced RP) — 1 member — Last Activity Aug 11, 2014 03:15PM
Just for FunToo Much Information
This RP is based on a story written by me personally with copyright law in place. I'm attempting to create a saga and may even ask about using certain ...more

Suicide Note
Suicide Note — 17 members — Last Activity Jun 04, 2014 08:04AM
Friends & Common InterestSelf-help
Slash my wrists
Slit my throat
Feeling the drain of blood
Feeling empty
Days long past passing before my eyes
Have no feeling now
I see nothing but bla

Truth, Tragedy, and Combinations Thereof
Truth, Tragedy, and Combinations Thereof — 16 members — Last Activity May 16, 2014 04:59PM
Friends & Common InterestSelf-help
This is a place where anyone who has been through some scary sh--err...STUFF, or something devastating (death of someone close, betrayal, etc.) can ve ...more

HURRICANE — 4 members — Last Activity Aug 02, 2013 11:07AM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
This is not reality ... Ce n'est pas la réalité
It's a dream ... C'est un rêve

(Read the Plot topic)

♐The Torn Existence♐  ~Advanced roleplay~
♐The Torn Existence♐ ~Advanced roleplay~ — 1 member — Last Activity Feb 17, 2013 05:57AM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
*Under construction*

the listeners -- getting through the holidays
the listeners -- getting through the holidays — 6 members — Last Activity Dec 28, 2012 05:57AM
Friends & Common InterestHealth & Wellness
the holidays are coming around yet again and for many of us they are just awful. this group is for those who, for any reason at all (bereavement, lone ...more

Sad Love
Sad Love — 7 members — Last Activity Dec 08, 2012 05:16AM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
Here is where you can talk about heartbreak, current relationships or emotional love issues

Q&A with Venus Angelica Perez
Q&A with Venus Angelica Perez — 15 members — Last Activity Jul 24, 2012 10:14PM
Goodreads AuthorsReligion & Spirituality
NEW INDIE AUTHOR!!! Here is your opportunity to ask questions and get them answered by the Author! Venus A. Perez will be answering questions and join ...more

Q & A with Martin J Day
Q & A with Martin J Day — 2 members — Last Activity Dec 01, 2011 04:53AM
Goodreads AuthorsReligion & Spirituality
Martin is the author of a collection of seven short stories collectively called 'The Animal Parables'. Don't be deceived; on the surface they may have ...more

Q&A with Laura Munson
Q&A with Laura Munson — 8 members — Last Activity Nov 01, 2011 07:31PM
Goodreads AuthorsBiographies & Memoirs
...August 24, 2010 to September 21, 2010...

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