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My Kid is a bookworm.
My Kid is a bookworm. — 162 members — Last Activity 3 hours, 38 min ago
Books & LiteratureChildren's Books
A group to recommend books that are for kids (not young adult). Come tell about a book or series that kids would enjoy.

Also, look for some of the pub

Romance Readers Rendezvous
Romance Readers Rendezvous — 932 members — Last Activity 15 hours, 8 min ago
Books & LiteratureRomance
Romance Authors and Readers Rendezvous! Talk about the books you're reading, the books you've written, and the books you're writing.

There are so many

Short Fiction
Short Fiction — 137 members — Last Activity 19 hours, 47 min ago
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
We are a cross-genre group of readers who enjoy short fiction. This generally refers to short stories, novellas, flash fiction, and various other brie ...more

Romance Forum Refugees
Romance Forum Refugees — 2348 members — Last Activity 23 hours, 47 min ago
Books & LiteratureRomance
*Romance Readers who love Happily Ever Afters*

If this describes you, then you've come to the right place.

We love to chat about romance novels, humorou

The Free Book Challenge
The Free Book Challenge — 975 members — Last Activity Oct 27, 2016 03:12AM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
This group is for people who think they spend a little bit too much money on books and would like to start reading their FREE books they have accumula ...more

Free Kindle Ebooks
Free Kindle Ebooks — 1436 members — Last Activity Oct 27, 2016 03:06AM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
This is an extension of the web site http://FreeKindleEbooks.com where nearly every week you can get a list of the best "selling" free Kindle book tit ...more

Judging Book Covers - ALL. DAY. LONG.
Judging Book Covers - ALL. DAY. LONG. — 578 members — Last Activity Oct 25, 2016 05:25AM
Books & LiteratureArts & Photography
Yeah, we judge books by their covers - So What!

Bibliophile Beauties
Bibliophile Beauties — 183 members — Last Activity Oct 23, 2016 01:00PM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
For everyone that cherishes books!

This is a new and growing group. We have a Monthly Group Read, Monthly Pick It for Me, and numerous challenges for y

Weird Westerns
Weird Westerns — 160 members — Last Activity Oct 13, 2016 01:33PM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
The western is a time-honored genre in the literature world, but it wasn't until lately that we've started adding the surreal to the mix and it's been ...more

Add as a Friend
Add as a Friend — 68 members — Last Activity Jul 17, 2016 01:33PM
Friends & Common InterestFriends
Hello, I created this group for readers to find friends with the same interest in books. I personally try to find people with the same preferences in ...more

Scott County Library Teen Book Club
Scott County Library Teen Book Club — 8 members — Last Activity Jul 10, 2016 07:15PM
This is the Scott County Public Library’s Teen Book Club. This is our library’s first official coed teen book club. I Lillian, am the main discussion ...more

Dana Burkey Fans and Readers
Dana Burkey Fans and Readers — 77 members — Last Activity Jul 08, 2016 01:15AM
Goodreads AuthorsYoung Adult
A place to connect with reader Dana Burkey, and get free Arcs or PDFs in exchange for honest reviews. Dana Burkey is a self published YA author that h ...more

Kindle Users, Loan A Book To A Friend!
Kindle Users, Loan A Book To A Friend! — 11 members — Last Activity Jun 10, 2016 05:17PM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
This group is for kindle readers (whether it be the kindle app or reading from an actual kindle). Maybe you can't buy the ebook cause it's too much bu ...more

Indie Pub Promos
Indie Pub Promos — 63 members — Last Activity Jun 07, 2016 12:40PM
BusinessMarketing & Advertising
Writing the book is often the easy part. Getting exposure and selling the book is often a lot harder. Indie Pub Promos recognizes that fact and wants ...more

Precious Free Books
Precious Free Books — 55 members — Last Activity Jun 05, 2016 03:38AM
Books & LiteratureNonfiction
PreciousFreeBooks.com :: Let's Enrich Our Life!

Download legally FREE eBooks about Recipes, Diets, Fitness, Health, Weight Loss, Money, Personal Financ

Free Ebooks available
Free Ebooks available — 21 members — Last Activity May 27, 2016 01:21PM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
I wanted to make a group where anyone can post about freebies of the day. Be it by the author or on amazon or a giveaway.

Feel free to invite anybody :

Cheap and FREE eBooks
Cheap and FREE eBooks — 7 members — Last Activity May 10, 2016 01:12PM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
Cheap and Free eBooks available for all devices and applications.

Hidden Gems
Hidden Gems — 1 member — Last Activity May 01, 2016 08:13AM
Books & LiteratureScience Fiction & Fantasy
As fantasy reaches new peaks and the ranks of its bookshelves swell, this group asks: with new authors and stories in play, what do you think the next ...more

Sony Reader
Sony Reader — 85 members — Last Activity Apr 16, 2016 01:37AM
Books & LiteratureComputers & Internet
A group for owners of any Sony Reader.

Free ebooks UK
Free ebooks UK — 7 members — Last Activity Apr 12, 2016 01:41AM
Books & LiteratureBusiness & Investing
Find the free and discounted Ebooks UK for your Kindle devices on the go

Positivity Guides
Positivity Guides — 6 members — Last Activity Apr 08, 2016 09:11AM
Books & LiteratureNonfiction
Hey guys check out Positivity Guides where numerous practical books on personal development and positive psychology are written to help us grow and br ...more

Totally Bound Publishing
Totally Bound Publishing — 553 members — Last Activity Apr 01, 2016 09:43AM
Books & LiteratureRomance
Welcome to our forum for authors and readers of Totally Bound!

We are Europe’s largest eBook publisher of erotic romance fiction, offering pure unadul

Anestesiología — 1 member — Last Activity Dec 08, 2015 08:54AM
Books & LiteratureScience
Todo Anestesiología

Uncaged Emotions - Stories and Poetry
Uncaged Emotions - Stories and Poetry — 4 members — Last Activity Nov 16, 2015 04:16AM
Books & LiteraturePoetry
This is a group for poets and writers. See it in your mind, write it and post on our bulletin board.

Ask Patrick Jones
Ask Patrick Jones — 1 member — Last Activity Sep 25, 2015 06:48AM
Goodreads AuthorsMystery & Thrillers
Patrick Jones is the bestselling author of "The Wolf's Moon" with a New Short Book release of "The River". Another novel is near completion and the se ...more

Readbooky — 6 members — Last Activity Sep 21, 2015 07:32AM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
friends :
This is Readbooky group in goodreads -- we are just starting . You're invited to join us reading thousands of books

ebook café
ebook café — 1 member — Last Activity Aug 29, 2015 01:20AM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
Spazio aperto per la divulgazione della rivoluzione digitale che ha investito il mondo della lettura.
Discussioni, consigli, opinioni in merito al mond

eBooks and eReaders
eBooks and eReaders — 13 members — Last Activity Jul 19, 2015 01:36PM
Books & LiteratureComputers & Internet
I was looking for an eBook club, but too many of them had requirements, restrictions or some other restraint. I was just looking for an eBook club whe ...more

The SkyRider (2015 book)
The SkyRider (2015 book) — 1 member — Last Activity May 10, 2015 04:54AM
Books & LiteratureScience Fiction & Fantasy
A group for those interested in the upcoming ebook 'The SkyRider' and for discussions, opinions or comments on the book.

Sample chapters will be poste

e-lecture — 4 members — Last Activity Mar 30, 2015 06:48AM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
Groupe de discussion francophone sur les e-books et l'actualité du livre numérique

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