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EROTICA — 5796 members — last activity 31 minutes ago
Books & LiteratureRomance
This is a private adult only group. Your profile must be public upon request to join our group or you will be declined

Our group believes EROTICA is n

Books on the Nightstand
Books on the Nightstand — 4530 members — last activity 9 hours, 39 min ago
Books & LiteratureGeneral
A group to discuss books and topics mentioned on Books on the Nightstand, a blog and podcast about books and reading.

History Buffs United
History Buffs United — 437 members — last activity Jan 28, 2015 12:32PM
Books & LiteratureHistory
This group is for anyone who loves to read or write historical fiction. Our purpose is to recommend great reads, share our own writing, and help fello ...more

Books Stephen King Recommends
Books Stephen King Recommends — 1465 members — last activity Jan 24, 2015 08:19AM
Books & LiteratureGeneral

January-February 2015 Group Read
Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

Are you curious about the books and

Qualify - Readers and Authors Network
Qualify - Readers and Authors Network — 2 members — last activity Jan 22, 2015 03:30PM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
Want to write a better book? Want honest and structured feedback? Then join us. Qualilfy is moderated by Linda Leon of www.bookmarketingprofessionals. ...more

The Golden Age of Young Adult Fiction
The Golden Age of Young Adult Fiction — 27 members — last activity Dec 21, 2014 09:41AM
Books & LiteratureYoung Adult
Want to find good young adult books? Here you can talk about your favorite Young Adult(YA) books. Some of the books series discussions include: Harry ...more

I Just Read This Great Book!
I Just Read This Great Book! — 1 member — last activity Nov 02, 2014 06:54PM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
We all know how it feels to read a great book and think "Everyone should read this book!" Or "there are some people who would really like this book". ...more

The Book Nook
The Book Nook — 4 members — last activity Sep 22, 2014 04:39AM
Books & LiteratureYoung Adult
A place to get daily recommendations for YA books and read along.

Great New Books
Great New Books — 63 members — last activity Aug 06, 2014 05:51AM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
Great New Books is all about sharing our favorite books, one week at a time. Our passion is for recommending quality books which keep us turning pages ...more

Morton Grove Public Library
Morton Grove Public Library — 1 member — last activity Aug 04, 2014 06:49PM
We love books and we love to talk about books at the Morton Grove Public Library! This group highlights the books selected for our three monthly in-pe ...more

Mt. Pleasant Library Friends
Mt. Pleasant Library Friends — 5 members — last activity Mar 27, 2014 11:15AM
OrganizationsClubs & Societies
For people who love the Mt. Pleasant Library in Washington DC. A place to share book recommendations and events.

Wandering Carcosa
Wandering Carcosa — 4 members — last activity Feb 28, 2014 06:45PM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
A weird/dark fiction reading group/recommendation thread.

Mr. Young's 4th Hour Book Club
Mr. Young's 4th Hour Book Club — 29 members — last activity Jan 13, 2014 01:57PM
Student GroupsClasses & Departments
Use this group to post short book reviews about each of the five books you read

Fantasy Lovers
Fantasy Lovers — 4 members — last activity Jul 08, 2013 05:18PM
Books & LiteratureScience Fiction & Fantasy
From Twilight to Song of Ice and Fire; it's all about fantasy, and it's all right here. Come join us for a lively discussion about all things fantasy ...more

Palmer Ridge Readers
Palmer Ridge Readers — 22 members — last activity Oct 22, 2012 09:30PM
This is an online book club for the PRHS Knowledge Center community, adults and teens alike. Why Join? We are a community of readers so lets share in ...more

Book Recommendations!
Book Recommendations! — 2 members — last activity Mar 30, 2012 06:29PM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
This a group where you can recommend your favorite books! Give us a little description of your book and hopefully, someone might give the book a chanc ...more

DFW Bookclub
DFW Bookclub — 5 members — last activity Mar 12, 2012 07:05AM
Friends & Common InterestActivities
Group of ladies who have similar interest in books, movies and TV shows. We tend to meet up once a month and discuss everything under the sun.

The Preppy Reading List
The Preppy Reading List — 1 member — last activity Jan 03, 2012 07:39AM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
A group for those interested in reading about Preps and/or WASPs.
The objectives of this group is to compile a book list, share recommendations and tho

MBIS Library - Recommended Books, Faculty and Staff
MBIS Library - Recommended Books, Faculty and Staff — 3 members — last activity Sep 07, 2011 08:00PM
Books recommended by MBIS faculty and staff

Dog-Eared Reads
Dog-Eared Reads — 5 members — last activity Apr 28, 2011 09:37AM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
Angela and Willie started the podcast and blog for and this is your place to recommend some books to us. OR just talk about the lat ...more

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