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Underground Knowledge - A discussion group
Underground Knowledge - A discussion group — 2136 members — Last Activity 44 minutes ago
Books & LiteratureGeneral
This global discussion group has been designed to encourage debates about important and underreported issues of our era. All you need is an enquiring ...more

Goodreads Authors/Readers
Goodreads Authors/Readers — 24366 members — Last Activity 3 hours, 57 min ago
Goodreads AuthorsGeneral
This group is dedicated to connecting readers with Goodreads authors. It is divided by genres, and includes folders for writing resources, book websit ...more

Readers That Love Giveaways, Ebook Deals, and Free Books!
Readers That Love Giveaways, Ebook Deals, and Free Books! — 1192 members — Last Activity 9 hours, 3 min ago
Books & LiteratureGeneral
This group is for readers & booklovers that enjoy entering giveaways, sweepstakes, and finding freebies! Authors, please share your free or discou ...more

 Fire and Ice Book Promos: Reading Recommendations, Giveaways, & E-Book Deals
Fire and Ice Book Promos: Reading Recommendations, Giveaways, & E-Book Deals — 521 members — Last Activity 9 hours, 4 min ago
BusinessMarketing & Advertising
Looking for your next great read? See our featured books, author interviews, e-book deals and freebies, and giveaways!

eBooks GROW ON TREES — 1587 members — Last Activity Jun 19, 2016 01:12PM
BusinessMarketing & Advertising
This group will allow you to find wonderful books at delightful prices! Want to recommend a book that is Free, $0.99, or $2.99 or Less? Please comment ...more

Ready to Read
Ready to Read — 255 members — Last Activity Apr 30, 2016 02:23PM
BusinessMarketing & Advertising
A group to promote newly released books that are Ready to Read.

Books By A Queen Publishing Fans
Books By A Queen Publishing Fans — 12 members — Last Activity Jan 12, 2016 06:16PM
BusinessMarketing & Advertising
Erotic, Romance and Street Literature is my LIFE! I enjoy my career as an author writing books for those who enjoy reading on the wild side!

This grou

Do You Find It Hard to Market Your Self-Published Christian Book?
Do You Find It Hard to Market Your Self-Published Christian Book? — 10 members — Last Activity Nov 02, 2015 05:39PM
BusinessMarketing & Advertising
I am finding it very hard to market self-published Christian book. Are you experiencing the same? What is working for you? What's not working? Share p ...more

The Influencer Economy
The Influencer Economy — 1 member — Last Activity Aug 01, 2015 02:58PM
BusinessMarketing & Advertising
Books about creating, making and willing your way to the top of your business category. Focusing on YouTubers, writers, podcasters, and creators build ...more

Book It! Blog Tours
Book It! Blog Tours — 1 member — Last Activity Jun 30, 2015 05:58PM
BusinessMarketing & Advertising
Group discussing Book It! Blog Tours.

'Radio Interviews for Authors'
'Radio Interviews for Authors' — 12 members — Last Activity Apr 27, 2015 07:48AM
BusinessPublic Relations
Hello, this is fellow author and former radio personality Ray Shasho,
Besides getting ready to launch my second novel, I am also a publicist with Firs

Book Reviews/Promotions
Book Reviews/Promotions — 2 members — Last Activity Mar 02, 2015 05:49AM
BusinessMarketing & Advertising
I am a recently published author and am extremely interested in doing a review swap. If anyone would also be interested, please comment below! :)

CreativeSwag4Authors — 1 member — Last Activity Feb 25, 2015 10:41AM
Goodreads AuthorsGeneral
I create customized swag for your novel. Photo charms made from your cover, metal bookmarks, bracelets, and more! I love special orders so contact me ...more

Wise Computer Lady's Book Club
Wise Computer Lady's Book Club — 2 members — Last Activity Feb 15, 2015 12:35PM
BusinessMarketing & Advertising
Avid reader and computer geek, the Wise Computer Lady shares free and cheap books for readers. Authors can find writing tips, ask assistance with grap ...more

Havas CHI Strategy
Havas CHI Strategy — 11 members — Last Activity Nov 04, 2014 07:46PM
BusinessMarketing & Advertising
A list of books we have read, want to read and suggest others should read to develop expertise in the art and science of marketing strategy.

Bookbub. Is it Useful?
Bookbub. Is it Useful? — 2 members — Last Activity Oct 25, 2014 10:02AM
Goodreads AuthorsProfessional & Technical
Thinking of trying Bookbub as part of my coming campaign. Anyone have any experience with it?

Dacché Designs Blog Tour
Dacché Designs Blog Tour — 4 members — Last Activity Jul 22, 2014 07:57AM
BusinessMarketing & Advertising
This is the page for Dacché Designs Blog Tour. I am looking for authors and bloggers all the same.

Indie Romance Authors
Indie Romance Authors — 5 members — Last Activity Jun 17, 2014 02:31PM
BusinessMarketing & Advertising
I begin this journey with the hope that other indie romance fiction authors will come together to help each other with self-publishing and cross promo ...more

Anything Goes!
Anything Goes! — 8 members — Last Activity Apr 25, 2014 05:26AM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
Come here to discuss anything! There is only one rule, it must be literature related. Post reviews, advertise your work, compare and recommend books t ...more

DARK IMAGINARIUM Art & Design — 2 members — Last Activity Apr 07, 2014 09:59AM
Entertainment & ArtsFine Arts
With over 2 years of professional experience working with publishing companies as well as with self-published authors, I know I can bring your ideas f ...more

Advertise with 'Nightmare Illustrated' and 'Schlock' Bi-Monthly magazines today!
Advertise with 'Nightmare Illustrated' and 'Schlock' Bi-Monthly magazines today! — 44 members — Last Activity Mar 26, 2014 08:17AM
BusinessMarketing & Advertising
Advertise in 'Nightmare Illustrated' magazine or 'Schlock' Bi -Monthly for just $10. Ads designed free and are full page size (16.84 wide x 26.04 tall ...more

HTML Link exchange
HTML Link exchange — 1 member — Last Activity Feb 19, 2014 10:19PM
Goodreads AuthorsGeneral
I will post your html link on my website in exchange for you doing the same. If you have any problems with the html go to and contact m ...more

Design Read
Design Read — 2 members — Last Activity Jan 27, 2014 06:53PM
Books & LiteratureNonfiction
This is a book group for AIGA member designers, faculty and fans of design

New Children's Books with Vintage Artwork
New Children's Books with Vintage Artwork — 4 members — Last Activity Nov 05, 2013 01:14AM
Books & LiteratureChildren's Books
This book is created for vintage illustrated children's books. Feel free to join and find people with similar taste. Share your personal or favorite a ...more

Bloggers Unite
Bloggers Unite — 6 members — Last Activity Sep 25, 2013 07:48AM
BusinessMarketing & Advertising
A place where Bloggers can gather and get imput for different things. Where Bloggers can share ideas and bond together in the world.

Goodreads Advertising
Goodreads Advertising — 1 member — Last Activity Mar 17, 2013 02:10PM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
I'm a Creative Writing and English student at the University of Bolton, UK. I'm currently working on a research project on the effectiveness of Good

Indie Author Marketing Tips
Indie Author Marketing Tips — 2 members — Last Activity Feb 26, 2013 10:48AM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
This is a group designed to help share different ideas when it comes marketing your self-pblished book.

Join the discussion and be sure to check my blo

out of the box solutions
out of the box solutions — 3 members — Last Activity Jan 27, 2013 02:23AM
OrganizationsCommunity Organizations
Think Out-of-the-box

Ask Klaudija Cermak
Ask Klaudija Cermak — 1 member — Last Activity Nov 04, 2012 10:40AM
Goodreads AuthorsNonfiction
...November, 05 to December, 09 2012...

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