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New Moon for me was infinitely better than Twilight. The action picked up quite a bit, we got to see a whole lot more of Jacob, and the ending was really good too. But, this like Twilight is not without it's problems. She spends a good deal of the book moping, because Edward breaks up with her and that gets somewhat boring, and she finds out that when she does life-threatining stunts she can hear Edward's voice in her head, so she does some really stupid risky stuff. Stuff she shouldn't do perio...more
Reading for the 14th time. September 2012

Read for the 13th time. October 2011.

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Finished it for the 8th time now.

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I finished this book in a matter of a few days and loved every minute of it. The story is the continuing story of the l...more
I'm not super thrilled about the girl Bella is turning into in this book but...*sigh* I'm also not happy about the lack of description when it comes to her relationship and Edward. It's like pulling teeth. Ugh...I guess this really is for 13 year olds hahahaha.
Hilda Hyde

The series two, this book also must to read as the series one.Continuously book so will be uncompleted if you are not read this book. This book is all about relationship between Jacob and Bella while Edward left her.
i really liked this book it was cute but heart breaking at the same time and then it left you in confusion wich just left you wanting more!
Yet ttly Boring!
Other books in the twilight saga were wayyyy better
this one was very slow and it bored me right up intill about page 300 =/
wots wrong with edward cullen uh?!
very beautiful story it made me cry two times
This book was pretty good, obviously if I read it multiple times. However, I do think that it's gotten a little old. I still love the books, I just am not much of a fan of the movies and all the hype. I also do not appreciate the people who need to bash the books, just because the movies suck or a lot of people like them.
I missed Edward!!!!!!!!!
i was boring until like, the very end when he comes back!!!
I thought the beginning was great, but the middle of the book kind of got slow, but then toward the end it was getting very interesting.
Mar 25, 2009 Edie rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Twilight lovers
I love the Twilight series!! This is my second time reading New Moon and I love it!
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